• Gentle readers I am a seventy-three year old combat wounded Vietnam veteran I enlisted in United States Army at seventeen years of age the time I was eighteen years old I was in the Republic of Vietnam with the First Squadron, Fifth Cavalry Regiment, First Air Cavalry Division involved in active ground combat and made multiple air assaults almost daily. By the time I was nineteen years old I was a patient in One Hundred and Sixth General Hospital at Kishine Barracks, Yokahama, Japan by then I had been awarded the Combat Infantry Badge and Purple Heart with one Oak Leaf Cluster and assorted Cub Scout Merit Badges. Cavalry Division involved in active ground combat and made multiple air assaults almost daily.  Before you ask gentle readers I do have a very bad attitude and I am cursed with an eidetic memory some people mistakenly refer to it as a photographic memory but it is much worse if I just close my eyes I can see how everyone of my friends in Vietnam died and my only escape will be either death or dementia. Franky gentle readers I would prefer death because I would be back with all my dead friends and all my dogs once again. After my time in the military I went into law enforcement and I have a fair share of friends on the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington since I live so close I take rides a night to visit both.  Gentle readers my comments are always made with my tongue planted firmly in cheek since God gave me a very divergent sense humor I still remember former Vice President Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden from those days when I was a handsome twenty-one year old cavalryman (Please be kind because a boy still needs some illusions!) I was told all about then Senator Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden by the reservists in my unit and they referred to him as “Joseph the intellectually challenged” of course the young officer who told me about used Latin to describe him and he was known as an utter pervert even then. If you ask me if I really believe that former Vice President Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden forgot the alleged rape of his former senatorial aide Tara Reade I must sadly admit that since “good old pervy Uncle Joe” puts the dem in dementia I believe him! Gentle readers like all veterans I love my country and I would put on a uniform and go back to war in second to defend it and all our people and I am very willing to die doing it! On the other hand if you if you ask me if I trust my government I will laugh it your face because the one thing I understood in my entire law enforcement career is that you are never going to be allowed to arrest the real criminals because they are politicians.

  • No government can be trusted, never trust any government! All governments will seek to suborn the rights and freedom of its citizens. As a loud and clear example, look at what our government has done using COVID19 as an excuse.

  • Yes there are some, OBAMA, HILLARY, BIDEN, FBI DIR WRAY, MANY OF THEM B/C THE DEEP STATE COVERS FOR THEM.  However, NO there are few if any left after what has been uncovered and the extreme unconstitutional lockdown orders of many governors and mayors.   Time to show them what we the people means and vote em out. 

    • Well frankly I am a kinder genetler conservative and do not believe that hanging is too good for them!

    • I agree with you, and I also agree with firing squads. Not so much taking my and your money to keep them alive for decades.

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