• Yes.....go get them!

  • Yep, and as an American-born citizen and resident of the Free State of Florida, this citizen and all patriots who love this country should thank Divine Providence for protecting our Texas AG in this obvious case of political persecution. The idea of coexistence with any group or movement always depends on a "two way flow" or an equal "give and take" relationship. But unfortunately, most globalists, such as Soros and the WEF, are working closely with the global Marxist movement and our enemies to achieve their goal of world domination, and by any means necessary. To use another phrase cliche'; they are the reason why some streets are named "One Way", as it is either "their way or the highway" to perdition for those who will not comply.

  • They probably want a Soros AG so the criminals can get away with murder.

  • I hope Texas, its legislature, governor, and AG get on board an express train to challenge every unconstitutional move made by Biden and the DNC... Starting with Biden and the Federal Government's refusal to defend the border from the ongoing invasion... 

    Texas should Mobilize its National Guard assets...  and shut down the Border... If the Border Patrol or other Federal Agents interfere with Texas's constitutional duty to defend its borders...ARREST THEM... indict and try them for obstruction of justice and interference with State Law Enforcement. 

    Texas may need to declare a state of emergency and declare Martial Law along their Southern Border... defining it in a manner that limits its jurisdiction to repelling the invasion taking place on the border... by illegal aliens and the drug cartels in Mexico.  The case for declaring the mass migration taking place an 'Invasion' should be easy enough to prove... based on historical evidence and communism's asymmetrical warfare doctrine. 

    • As Tucker has said, Texas has all the military and law enforcement right here in Texas to secure the border.  I would add our military and LEOs in Texas would not even have any difficulty accomplishing this in short order.  Abbott is WEF affiliated.  Check out his history with WEF.

    • Might I suggest that the Governor and AG hold a joint news conference to announce the declaration of emergency and martial law...

      They could also invite every member of the US Border Patrol to enlist in the National Guard... thus immunizing them against federal action, by making their mobilization as State Troops nullify their duty to the Border Patrol.  That could also apply to all federal agents desiring to align with the State's efforts to stop the invasion of Texas and the USA... Let them take the oath to the State upon challenge (wherever contact is made) and let the paperwork for the enlistment be completed on the run... later.  Every State Commissioned Officer can administer the oath of enlistment... and that should suffice as a legal sanction of their duty to the State and its National Guard.

      1. Brilliant Colonel. 
    • We should be careful and pray that martial law will not be seen as necessary, as it is the very antithesis of constitutional self-governance.

    • Martial Law is a temporary measure... used when the local authorities are unable OR UNWILLING to enforce the law. 

      It is NOT the antithesis of Constitutional Law... it remains subordinate to CIVILIAN command authority... the Governor or President.  It can be revoked just as quickly as it was instituted by the Chief Executive... Governor or President.

      Martial Law can have limits imposed on its jurisdiction and authority to act, by ORDER of the Chief Executive at the time it is declared or as necessary during its implementation. 

    • I never said that it was the antithesis of law, but it is definitely the antithesis of constitutional self-governance. The Founders crafted the 2nd Amendment, and all the rest of the Bill of RIghts, to recognize individual, God-given rights and the authority of civilian command authority in our local jurisdictions. That is what the concept of a citizen militia is intended to be, and they abhorred the idea of standing armies. If either the federal or state governments declare martial law using so-called "emergency powers" to suspend or otherwise interfere with the rights of citizens to govern themselves, then the Constitution is meaningless. If these emergency powers can suspend any rights then we don't have any rights, but only permissions, depending on the whims of the ruling executive(s), which is the opposite of self-government. And recent experience seems to prove that they will always find a convenient emergency in order to justify changing and/or simply ignoring existing and constitutional law that impedes their agenda.

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