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  • This is all demonic

  • Big pharma owns the FDA, the CDC and Congress but then again the Deep State Globalists own big Pharma. That's what happened with Big Pharma's COVID Death Jaab. It was all about their Depopulation Agenda. Elimanate the Deep State and then Big Pharma can be taken down

  • This is rediclus why are we even having this conversation??? What they are talking about with children under 18 years old is Child Abuse! And they need to be in jail in solitary confinement.  Because they are educated they are not stupid, go to jail do not collect 200$ , Go To Jail!!

    • What can you expect from a party who thinks that abortion is ok if it pleases the female who is pregnate.

    • "Because they are educated they are not stupid,"

      Because they are educated........they ARE stupid.
      Education doesn't develope common sense and these people were not educated, rather they were indoctrinated.

    • Right- that kind of education/indoctrination is referred to as "book smart, common sense stupid". Similar to Pavlov's training exercises; they memorize and regurgitate, but in 2 years have forgotten everything that mattered.

    • Ilona  I just read the second line of your reply, and I had the same ideal about the indoctrinated. I know too many of them who if you talk facts to them, you get a return stare like a deer in the headlights.

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