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  • Send them ALL back to where they came from and the kids they have here!!! The Bible says if you won't work you don't eat, thanks Butthead Biden

  • He forgot to mention that the money they get is from hard working Americans who are fed up with this garbage. Perhaps we should all forget about doing our taxes this year.

  • Well at least they are savvy and WE are the "Thick" ones. Get busy, Call, Email your State Legislators and your Congressperson and Senators to STOP sending OUR MONEY to UN, NGO's and Bogus NWO groups that are Enabling this America Ending BS.


      Robert, good idea on it's face but the ruling class couldn't care less what We the People think or want!!!!!  The first thing that needs to be done is to abolish the federal government and start over, including banning the crooks from running for office again!!!!!  The political psrties are both corrupt, and working for the globalists !!!!!  They want America destroyed and We the People dead or in slave labor camps!!!!!!!!!

    • You got it!!!  Get ready!


  • He is right! 

This reply was deleted.