• In case some haven't noticed, the federal government routinely shuts down every weekend, and especially on the long weekends which incorporate the incredible number of federal holidays whjich fall on a Monday or Friday. And if the federal payroll is effected then government workers usually get back pay for the time not working while the politicians try to sort it out. Workers in the private sector would love such a deal; a paid vacation on the taxpayers dime for not going to work!

  • Yep Shut the Govt down. It's not as big a deal as the stinking politicians will tell you. 

  • If it takes shutting the government down - do it. 

  • taxpayers should have a say in how their money is used

    • We do5heough our representatives......perhaps we should know who the hell we send to DC. Have a way to get them out through no confidence without taking forever, or making it impossible to touch them on e elected

    • Do elect

  • Shut it down, and be sure no one in DC government gets paid, in fact, make sure those decision makers who brought this on our country don't get back pay. See how fast these bastards move when it hits them personally! 

  • why are we sending billions to ukraine when were not taking care of our self

  • Well they know what we want let's sit back and see what happens .  Same ole same ole. 

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