• Any Senator who goes along with ANY Bill the De"mock"rats support has to be removed from office and replaced by a true Constitutional Conservative.

  • Nineteen Republicans joined Democrats in voting for the bipartisan infrastructure deal on Tuesday. They are:
    1. Roy Blunt of Missouri
    2. Richard Burr of North Carolina
    3. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana
    4. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia
    5. Susan Collins of Maine
    6. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota
    7. Mike Crapo of Idaho
    8. Deb Fischer of Nebraska
    9. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina
    10. Chuck Grassley of Iowa
    11. John Hoeven of North Dakota
    12. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky
    13. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
    14. Rob Portman of Ohio
    15. Jim Risch of Idaho
    16. Mitt Romney of Utah
    17. Dan Sullivan of Alaska
    18. Thom Tillis of North Carolina
    19. Roger Wicker of Mississippi
     REMOVE them from office

  • I will not donate a single penny to the RNC they don't support American leaders they support stupid politicians 

  • There was a day when working with democrats for the good of the nation was a good thing. However, that day is long past! Today’s democrats are no longer just democrats they are socialist marxist hiding, in plain sight, under a democrat name. Just like RINO’s (republicans in name only) the democrats of today, with few and I mean very few exceptions, are no longer liberals. Read the dictionary definition and I am reasonably certain you will agree. Today’s so called democrats are out to destroy our Constitution and our free enterprise economic system. A combination by the way that has lifted more people out of poverty then any other economic system and government combination that ever existed in the world.

    Our founders were geniuses for placing the power of government into the hands of the governed. However in the last one hundred years that power has been usurped by the socialist marxist so called democrat political party. It first began with the first progressive Woodrow Wilson but few recognized its beginning. Now however, since Obama was elected twice they are much more brazen about their goals of his promised fundamental transformation into a socialist marxist nation. It is obvious to everyone paying attention Obama was able to establish a federal police force, which he also promised, because he was able to clandestinely form it by using the intelligence agencies. Which became obvious under the Trump administration by all the government actions to remove Trump, a dedicated conservative, from office.

    America needs a two party system because different ideas are good for any nations government. All branches of this government are supposed to always keep the welfare and good of the nation and people paramount. However, in a two party system, when one party turns its back on the welfare of the nation and makes its primary goal promoting a political parties power it becomes a serious problem. Which is absolutely what is happening today. When that party begins devoting all its energy into taking and maintaining total and complete power over everything like the so called democrats are doing today it presents an overwhelming problem for liberty. Individual liberty. Americans must never, absolutely never, allow such a transformation to occur. Even if it means civil war. The direction the nation is being taken today under the biden administration could lead to such an end for this great nation. It will begin when there is an effort to nullify the second amendment and confiscate Americans guns! Make no mistake about it it has happened twice before! And therefore can happen again!

    Past presidents from both major political parties have ignored the constitution and installed government agencies against the tenth amendment. Once this happened and nothing was done to prevent such actions it became easier to do it over and over again. Most, if not all, of the government agencies are unconstitutional and require a constitutional amendment to allow them. Until this changes Americans will have an ongoing problem which can never be solved.

  • The DNC sent 1000 Lawyers to AZ to stop the forensic audit. Despite raising $220 Million to Stop the Steal you sentg 0 to investigate states! Time to step down and you turned Rino like you Uncle. Ronna McDonliel turned Rino like her ungle Mitt Romney she must step down.



    • Orange Man Bad should be sharpening the axe. Thanksgiving is coming


      The party still needs a shakeup (at least to the tune of 15 turkeys).

  • She is absolutely right.  Republicans should be 100% organized at the grass-roots level - and in a manner that brings all people together for dinner discussions about the one thing Democrats and Republicans have in common and that is education and our kids.  When we discuss kids over a back yard fence with our neighbors, our children are the common dominator that brings us all together. 

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