What if it’s NOT a supply chain problem?

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  • We have also been told there are not enough trucks, or drivers, to deliver the goods cross country!

    • Since the "pandemic" we are seeing the takedown of American business! They cant stand AMERICAN independence, people having a small business and making a good living, people MUST become dependent on the government for their livelihood! This regime is hellbent on braking ALL small businesses, get them out of the way, then they'll go after all the large businesses to nationalize them. 
      They are also trying to get everyone into the cities, populations in high concentration are easier to control. After WWII, when the Soviets took over Hungary, they began to move peasants into the cities. They arrived with chickens and goats, anything they could bring, they did. Then they were housed in large homes of the wealthy who at that point were either dead, in a camp, or have rolled up their expensive Persian rugs, sewed their gold and cash into their clothes and left the country. Each family got a room, and all families in the building shared the kitchen and bathrooms. There were families of 8-10, living in one room! 

      Think about the destruction of NYC, it's only a matter of time before prices fall as so many are getting out, no one will buy at any price. What will happen to all those apartments? Would I be surprised if suddenly the poor from rural areas were moved into them....NO! Two things accomplished, the poor think they are moving up, and government has complete control.  If the left have their way you'll see this happen.....I hope we can save this country from their grip!

    • There are more than enough trucks... There was no shortage of Trucks to transport the cargo before the shipping embargo, The railroads are functioning and the trucking industry has no shortage of trucks... it's all a lie. 

      The Port Docks are empty, The ships are anchored and no cargo is being unloaded.  Several interviews with local truck drivers complaining they were tired of waiting around for a load.  It is not a truck shortage.  It is a Longshoreman and an arbitrary port facility shut down... No offloading is occurring.  The Docks are shut down. This is another Democratic Marxist manufactured crisis working to provoke a revolution and the implementation of martial law. 

      The Red State Governors had better get ready as the food shortage will push the situation over the edge... People are not dumb, freight all of sudden doesn't stop clearing the Ports when there are hundreds of ships anchored and waiting to be unloaded... it is a manufactured crisis.

    • Aren't most of the port facilities owned by Chinese companies?  If so, they are, no doubt, "encouraging" the longshoremen to stay idle.

  • The Government doesn't need to seize the goods... they simply give the welfare population increased government assistance/welfare... And, the race is on.  The capitalist raises the cost of their goods to keep pace with inflation, and the Government, in turn, increases welfare payments resulting in more inflation.  Soon, hyperinflation follows as the MIDDLE CLASS joins the poor, forcing the government to print more bogus debt-based currency, to pay for inflated housing, food, energy, and consumer goods. 

    The Capitalist is snared in a loop of greed at both ends of the economic scales of commerce... with the capitalist wanting to maintain high profits under adverse economic conditions and the Marxists working to fund the free stuff and welfare programs of the federal and state governments...buying the votes of the poor.

    • Great postings Colonal!


  • Who is the owner of the Long Beach container terminal?  The Long Beach Terminal is one of the heaviest used ports in the USA and it is under Chinese management and ownership... the Port is run by California but the terminal (the docks) are under China's control and ownership.  Ask why we have ships backed up on the California Coast... ask no more.  By the way, California owns San Diego Port, Oakland, and San Franciso Ports also... the Democrats control most of the West Coast Ports... go figure on the backup.
    In April 2019, COSCO Shipping -a wholly owed Chinese business purchased the Long Beach Container Terminal for $1.78 billion among other shipping assets.  In recent weeks, numerous national security concerns have been raised regarding Chinese corporations and their increasing ownership of American businesses and trading ports. This alarm comes in the wake of China’s largest shipping company, Cosco Shipping Holdings Co., taking control of a major US trade terminal in Long Beach, California. The Long Beach acquisition is part of Cosco’s six-billion-dollar buyout of the rival Asian shipping giant, the Hong Kong-based Orient Overseas International Ltd.  
    Why is the MSM more or less ignoring these facts?  Who is behind the shipping embargo as it certainly is not a capacity problem... this is an 'access' problem.  The Ports on our West Coast are capable of handling the traffic.  It is not capacity.
    See: With Acquisition of California Port, China Broadens Influence on US...
    COSCO Shipping's takeover of OOCL to complete by end-June: vice chairman
    COSCO Shipping's <601919.SS> planned acquisition of Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) is on track to be completed by the end of June, the company…
    • It may surprise you, but I was writing about the first deal back in the 90's.  The globalist conspirarcy to make China the leading wortld power and the illegals streaming across the border were the topics that ended that job/career.  I've been a long time to this party and I'm here to tell you.  You're allowed to write about anything once, as a sort of offering to the Bill of Rights, a regular good ole boys club of professional courtesy as long as you have all you facts impeccably right and researched to the nines, but more than once is a career killer and repeated coverage gets you discontinued., or in your parlence, marked for replacement.  The first deal saw the Chinese take over what had been a Naval base since before WW 2 with all sorts of community amenities when Clinton let the Chinese have it.  But on the bright side, the MSM didn't cover any of it then either.


      US security concerns force Cosco-owned Orient Overseas to sell Long Beach port in California
      A Hong Kong-based company has been forced to sell its American container port after the US government raised security concerns about its parent being…
  • I do not believe it is simply and solely a supply rain problem.  See the prices of food rise in the supermarkets, shortages while farmers are being forced not to produce.  These shortages are being planned and manipulated on a huge scale.  This is tyranny tightening its grip, but for what overall purpose, what specific design? 

    Make no mistake.  It's all of it, the inflation, the shortages, Covid related econmomic decline, the purposeful destruction of middle class retail businesses, it's all of a piece.  Perhaps the retention of political power and against the threat of Trump's return.  All of it, always furthering the destruction of America as a sovereign and independent power, strong world leader promising and hosting the middle class standard of living.

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