And then there was silence... a deafening sound in a land once filled with the cries of liberties giants... A silence that pierces the soul, asks… Why? Why the muted response to those who have torn down the Walls of Liberty and plowed under our institutions of Freedom? Where is the line of demarcation, when will enough be too much? Why do we tolerate our neighbor's silence and the selling of liberty to despots by our leadership?

Who is there that will stand-to... too, brace the challenge of the silence? Too, raise the hewn cry "Give me liberty or give me Death" Has the Nation turned a deaf ear and gone blind to the tyranny in our midst... too, the WOK justices, to their arbitrary and capricious application of the law? Will there be justice for all... or but the few?

Who among us has invited the hand of tyranny to take the reins of government? Why do our nation's men of industry rush to embrace foreign markets; while, sowing the seeds of want among our nation's children... a generation of the confused? Who has opened the doors of our homes and businesses to the stranger; the invaders who come to profit from our heritage and the planting of generations before us? How is the rape of the nation labeled social justice?

What justice is there in the death of liberty and the looting of the wealth from generations past... Where comes this arrogant drumbeat of our leaders, as they willfully drive the Nation over tyranny's precipice? Who will ring Liberties Bell... Too, call the righteous to STAND -TO,  Who, with the steal of generations past, will purge the corrupt and treasonous poison from our midst?  What MEMORIAL will this Day present us... Will it be liberty or death?

And then there was silence...

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  • And the giants of our past history sit amazed... to see their heritage so easily parcelled out to a world of despots.  Will Liberty's Bell ring once more?  Have the 'Sons of Liberty' been forever silenced or are there yet the embers of Liberty's fire, laying fallow, just waiting for the plows of liberty to once more harness the promise of our forefathers? 

  • And then there was silence... a deafening sound in a land once filled with liberties giants...  

  • The silence in the halls and citadels of commerce is deafening... the nation's Captains of industry turn a deaf ear to the bartering of liberty. We no longer have champions with our forebearer's spine of steel and sterling character, men who plowed the fields of liberty and sowed freedom wherever they planted our flag. America once prospered and the world benefited from American exceptionalism. America's lions of liberty, long dead, are now ATTACKED by an ungrateful WOK generation... A house of confused souls.

    Time is not with us... with each day the path of return is obscured by the wicked machinations and trappings of evil men and a despotic government. Our liberty has been mortgaged and the future of our children with it. It is surprising the general population is so subdued in the face of such a massive BETRAYAL. Their leaders stand silent before America's enemies, unwilling to defend our Constitution and liberties flag... a nation in retreat.

    Historically, revolutions and resistance movements result where leadership is WILLING and able to harness the unrest of the masses... to forge new governments from the furnace of affliction, upon the anvil of liberty, with the hammer of justice. It appears our leaders are driving the nation over the edge... destroying anyone who resists, by tossing them under the bus.

    Sadly, many of the WOK and their leaders see the demise of America as social justice and fail to realize that they are going down with the rest of us... Their leaders and the super-wealthy could care less if they drown in their wake, as they plow under humanity's best hope for universal liberty. America the land of Dreams... a place where industry and personal effort made all things possible... has become a nightmare of despair... Charon, the mythical Greek Ferryman of the dead, cries out never more. America's once fruitful plain is now the barren waste of a corrupt and devious new age aristocracy... a province of the New World Order.

    Who among the nation's leaders will rally the people... calling upon the Patriot to Stand-to and hold the line for liberty and our children's future?  Who will break this deadly silence to mobilize righteous people?

    • The important item to understand is that humanity, on its own, cannot design or institute a form of government that is desirable and benefits the total populace without any form of prejudice.  This fact is evidenced by the recorded historical attempts of man to govern himself.  All have failed and either been replaced, or resurrected under leadership with a different name.

      America was founded for a purpose. That purpose, in my view, was and is as a means and a platform from which to announce and spread the news to the entire planet that there is a God, a True God, and His Son will return to earth to establish a Government that will last forever and for the benefit of all mankind. This Message must be announced, in advance of the event, and it is called the Gospel in the Bible which is the Word of God in print.

      The people who founded this country were used by God to do just that. George Washington himself said that it was a miracle that they could all come together and come to agreement on forming this government and the Constitution binding all together into a single Nation.

      Man's attempts to govern himself do have at least one thing in common, that they have this tendency to believe that they can do what ordinary people can do much better for themselves, and this leads to total control of the people.  We have an election process purposed to correct this tendency, but it too has now become so corrupt along with an equally corrupt Judicial system, that most Americans no longer have any trust in the process.

      Our Founders engaged in what was a miraculous result.  The Civil War brought together other people of caliber which resulted in keeping this Union together.  Another example of exceptional people coming together at the right time was our Military leadership in WWII, from General Marshall on down to Eisenhower, Bradley, Patton, and MacArthur, and others as well.  These events were themselves miracles.

      Today, Diversity has replaced patriotism, and we are leaderless. America is a horse with no rider, only boots in the stirrups turned backwards. Our government is occupied by anti-American criminals who mock God and decency daily.

      This is what goes through my mind on a day set aside to remember those who gave their lives for all of us.

    • Well said, Dale...

      God never intended man to be yoked to a government of men... God alone was to be the Government.  He is the King of kings and Lord of lords.  Perfect government can only exist in obedience to God's Word.  DIsobedience with God's Word eventually leads to rebellion and chaos.  Lucifer and 1/3rd of the Angels in Heaven were thrown out of heaven for their rebellion... challenging God's Word and governing authority.

      America's Constitution and form of Government is suitable only for a Moral and RELIGIOUS PEOPLE... and not just any religion or faith.  Our Constitutional form of government requires a Christian People and CULTURE to function properly.  Our Constitution requires... a Christ-Like People to function as intended.  America's forefathers and its colonial populations were overwhelmingly practicing and faithful Christians.  It is time America returned to embrace its founder's faith and purged its institutions...its government, halls of justice, and the citadels of commerce of the wicked men and women who have given us a CULTURE OF CORRUPTION.

      God warns us of the calamity that befalls the righteous when the unrighteous rule and the just no longer retain the engines of commerce or set the standards for civil engagement and discourse... the culture.  We are now experiencing the consequences of throwing God under the bus... For, kicking him out our living rooms, and town squares... replacing God with the lasciviousness and excesses of the world and its WOK generation.

    • So absolutely true.

      "When the righteous rule, the people rejoice."  So says God.

      I fo not see any 'rejoicing' now.  None at all. Only the mentally challenged could be pleased with this man posing as the Leader of the Free World.

    • Ditto... Dale.

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