• The corruption inside UKRAINE has been known for  years and yet we keep sending BILLIONS IN CASH AND MILITARY SUPPLIES WITH NO ACCOUNTABILITY,

    When are we going to wake up? We are at this time paying RETIREMENT BENEFITS  for officials there while trying to strip benefits from Americans probably not too strange since we are now giving priority treatment to illegals over American citizens and especially our veterans. We are facing a complete breakdown in leadership  and the reality we are not learning from our mistakes.  While its true JOE BIDEN and his administration are without doubt the most incompetent irresponsible administrations we have ever had our problems can be traced back through previous administration as well, We have as citizens given our elected officials especially our past and pesent Presidents way more authority than they are entitled to have, We are supposed to have oversight in this country thats why our founding fathers gave us three branches of Government, However they did not mean  for citizens to surrender their opinion and desires without asccountability by those we elect to  represent us, Its obvious we can NO LONGER trust those in Government to carry out the wishes of those they represent. They have become self serving while at the same time enriching themselves at our and our nations expense, We have to wake up and get envolved in the process and demand accountability as long as politicians are never called to account they will continue to ignore . WHY NOT THEY FACE NO PENALTY. 

    • The corruption in Ukraine is the same as the corruption in all the formerly soviet controlled countries was during and for some time after their compntrol. Ukraine is in a terrible citation of being right next door to Russia, and their leadership remained loyal to Russia, still using the soviet style tactics of politics. The other countries slowly shed themselves of most of the communists, it's been very difficult in Ukraine. The people want freedom, to westernize, to be closer the west than Russia, but Putin didn't want to lose his control over them, and the corruption continues. 
      On the other hand, who are we to judge Ukraine when we had such a fantastic setup, all it needed was to put good people into powerful positions and look what we have done with it! So our corrupt politicians are dealing with their corrupt politicians for personal gain, and yet we do NOTHING to change our situation, and criticize Ukraine. The Ukrainian people are every bit as powerless about their situation as we are, and when they showed desire to make a change.....Putin went in and turned their entire country upside down. It's are corrupt politicians who financially benefit who are feeding the beast. 

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