• It was neither.... the GOP was COMPLICIT .... an accessory to criminal election fraud.  The GOP is not what we thought... and we either need to change their management or start a  third party.

  • Where?  Try calling Nancy they are probabl y gettng their marching orders from her...

  • The GOPdoesnt want anyone connected to Trump, sounding like Trump, patriotic like Trump.............

  • "Where Is The National GOP To Help Kari Lake Fight For An Audit?"


    Ask Mitch.

    • No... Ask Pelosi or Schumer, as it appears the RNC leadership is taking their marching orders from them... they certainly are not servicing their BASE.

  • Where is the GOP.... they are with the Government Establishment celebrating their reelection... claiming we just had one of the most secure elections of record, If you believe that you believe an elephant can fly... The GOP's position on election fraud is ... there is none.

    The GOP is directly involved in the rigging or covering up of election fraud... America effectively has a ONE-PARTY SYSTEM... The only difference is which party controls the fundamentals of power... money and position... between election cycles.

    The video is correct... Russia is about to steamroll Ukraine... the Russian public is fed up with half-measures and as stated several times before the Russian Military has been very restrained. Once the Russian Military has all 200K troops online they will steamroll Ukraine. This entire war was promoted by Western interests and is being used as a tool to force the New world order on the world... the WEF... It is being used to put a major strain on energy and food (wheat) resources... creating the conflict necessary to propose and close the deal on one world government.

    The Energy Crisis developing from shortages in electric and petroleum resources is being managed by the WEF and Big Energy Companies. They are PROFETERRING on the misery they are creating? The only energy crisis is the one created by Big Energy with its artificial limits on production... Big Energy has been using artificial supply problems for decades... to leverage political agendas. We need to activate the anti-trust, RICO, and price gouging laws... to break up big energy. We also need to put away a few boards of directors for RICO activities... confiscating all their wealth... and ceasing all their assets for sale to new owners.. that should stop any repeat coercive and illegal commercial activity to line one's pockets.

    • The GOP leadership knows that even you vote Republican no matter what, because you don't really have a choice. They have no incentive to listen to you or to change their ways.

  • The GOP leadership is nowhere to be found and it won't matter to them. We will still vote Republican no matter what. The leadership knows this and can ignore our complaints safely. What are we going to do about this?

    • Agree Paul! The hard facts are: When a 3rd Party has been introduced, it always delutes the "R's"!  

    • Third party works so well for the left that I have to think the left has a lot to do with them!

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