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  • Never let a crisis go to waste Nancy, Great time tp ROB THE PEOPLE isn't it?.....How's your ice cream freezer doing ,you evil, vile, inhuman beast?

    • AND.....have you noticed, it appears that while we're all supposed to be on lockdown, it looks as though Nancy got herself a facelift.

    • she needed a facelift because she is an evil person.

    • The law is arbitrary to the ruling class in a Totalitarian societey.


  • President Trump VETO this bill even though there are some parts that are desperately needed but the Pelosi wishlist MUST DIE with you.

  • Again! Nancy, she is something else and she needs to go period.

  • If you do a little checking, then you'll realize that NOTHING nutty nan does is ever about "helping Americans" - -it's only about "helping herself"!!

    • AMEN!  How is it that so many politicians on the salary they make in government have managed to become multi-millionaires and billionaires.....?

  • Since the usual suspects are no longer available to vote democrat they have to create a new voting block, disregarding the fact that the bill will eventualy turn us into Venezuela.

  • No Way Jose! VETO It! 

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