• Wshington and especially the Democrats just dont understand You cant spend your way out of debt, At some point those in Washington must come to the understanding they cant continue to tax and spend, There has not been a balanced budget coming out of Washington in years.

    • The runaway spending is not about saving our Republic... just the opposite it is about compromising our national security and our ability to resist annexation into the New World Order.... it is about TREASON and the ongoing Marxist insurgency.

    • Yeah well there are those on this page who think the Republicans are going to save us.  And better than that, they even think that Trump is going to save us.

    • Tell us what we the people want to be saved of. What we the people want to save is our country and saveguard our constitution, but not us. I grant that no one is perfect however, in my adult life the only person that has shown unbaised true love for our country, has been Pres Trump. If it is not Trump, in your knowledge and wisdom, who should that saver be?

    • What do you, or "We the people" as you so elquently state want to be saved of?  Is that the question Arnold?  Well, I'd have to say, in your case, extremely poor grammer, you should probably want to be saved from your own atrocious grammer.

      And here's another heads up for you Arnold as long as you're asking.  Aside from Batman, or Bozo the clown no one is going to save your America for you.  That was your job Arnold and the truth is neither you, nor the rest of America's sports fans were quite up to it, captivated by Hollywood, Monday night football and pizza as everyone was. 

      Are you ready for the big take away Arnold?  Despite your willingness to throw your body on the wire, you should be wanting to save yourself.  If everyone had been smart enough to recognize and protect their own self interest, none of this could have ever happened.  As it is, America is already lost and you are a day late and a dollar short. 

      So bend over and kiss your constitution goodbye. 

    • Lopez is an angry little man who comes on these sites to attempt to boost his little ego. He can make some very interisting posts but then he has to try and make everyone think he is the God of knowledge by insulting them and belittling them just to make himself feel important. He is just a Sad little man looking for acceptance. Just ignor him or like me, expose him for the pitiful little man he really is.


    • Oh John please.  No one is angry.  A few blowhards like you are frustrated and when I look about me, sometimes I am disappointed, but I am not angry.  Why would I be angry?  Life has always worked fairly well for me and on occassion when it hasn't, that was mostly my own fault.  As for making myself feel important, or chasing acceptance, believe me John, trust me on this one, this is hardly the crowd I'd play to, if that was what I was after. 

      And yes do pity me, as my grandchildren will be forced to live in the same world and suffer the consequences of your foolishness long after I am gone.

    • Weli SIR, Its obvious BIDEN and the DEMOCRATS arent going to save us, All I can tell you sir is that we were much better off under TRUMP than what we have now. The truth of the matter is that NO POLITICAL PARTY OR CANDIDATE CAN SAVE US THERE IS ONLY ONE SAVIOR AND HE IS NOT A POLITICIAN.

    • We were better off under Trump, but Trump couldn't control anything and he couldn't even provide us with a free and fair election.  Trump couldn't protect himself much less America.  Trump failed.  He allowed himself to be cheated and kicked to the curb. 

      And why bother to have a government, or a President, or anything such as a government, if only your make believe savior is the only one who can save us?  I got a mouse in my pocket.  Some day he is going to save the world.  Talking nonsense adds nothing to the debate, or conversation.  AND MY MOUSE ISN'T A POLITICIAN EITHER.  Nor does your capitalization of every word make anything you say more convincing. 

  • They hate the U.S. citizens. Thanks all Biden voters. 

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