• then close down the Goverment, should have been done years ago!

  • The WH and the rest of the owned pupets can do anything they want as long as the debt it is not on the people's backs. Let's see how far they can go.

  • She is so disgusting

  • We had a chance when Trump was in charge, no longer! Thanks to all the Biden voters. 

    • Thank a RINO.... and the GOP/RNC in general.  Both Political Partie are in collusion to force the United States to accept one world government...

    • All things considered, that's pretty much the only issue and the situation over shadowing everything else

    • In my opinion Biden didn't win with his voters and he knows it. It was the powerful elite that orchestrated the fraud and sat him in the WH.

    • You're exactly right.  Biden didn't win.  His election was stolen.  I am of the opinion that the 35% of voters that voted for Biden, or who vote Democratic are enemy, enemies of America and enemies of the people of America.  I do not want to be brought together with them, nor do I beleive it is possible.  I believe they need to be destroyed, crushed and eliminated.

    • And it's the powerful elite that are now about to remove him.  It's just that simple.

    • He most likely walked past the line.

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