• The answer to that could be rather long so here is an abbreviated version.

    Russia is led by a madman, an insane monster.  America is currently led by a gang of incompetents. Both are corrupt to the bone. Neither want  America to succeed as a super power.  Our military is pathetic at the top due to incompetent brass hats parading about in glorified uniforms as if the uniform makes the man courageous rather than the coward wearing it.  Hence the saying, " all wars should be fought naked", and if they were they would not last long.

    The worst enemy by far for America is that of our own government.  Putin is emboldened by cowards.  He mentions Nukes and our government cowers in fear.  He threatens and we obey, like scolded puppies, like infants.  Peace in our time?  Bullshit.

    So, we are told to prepare for what Putin might do to us. Not a response of courageousness, but of weakness and docility.  Pitifully stupid.

    The void left by weakness will be filled, probably by the EU, and the modified version of the EU will not be a friend of the United States.  Due to our pathetic loss of character we sit back and hope that Biden and gang will be gone in an election or two, and the sun will once more shine on what is left of our nation.

    War is on the horizon.  And the result of it will not be desirable for a nation composed of people who don't even recognize their own gender.

    • And then, to top it off, some of us insist upon revealing how ludicrous and utterly stupid we are by claiming that it is all Trump's fault.  How damn dumb is that?

      Corruption feeds on weakness and stupidity. Served on a plate of arrogance and vanity.

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