For months, Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice has tried every trick in the law books to conceal from Americans a massive trove of video evidence that captured all the activity at the Capitol complex on January 6. Federal judges have played along, approving hundreds of protective orders to keep video clips—particularly footage recorded by the Capitol Police’s extensive closed-circuit television system—out of the public eye.

Time, however, is running out for the government.

Despite numerous discovery delays, Garland’s prosecutors are gradually turning over video evidence to defense attorneys as they prepare for trial. All surveillance video from the Capitol’s security system is designated “highly sensitive” government material; strict rules apply to the handling of every slice of footage.


There’s a reason why. As we have reported at American Greatness for months, one of the most scandalous untold stories about January 6 is egregious police misconduct that, in some instances, amounted to brutality by D.C. Metro and U.S. Capitol police. Had these attacks by law enforcement occured in any other public or private setting against leftist protesters, the national outrage would have resulted in mass firings and immediate calls for criminal investigations.

For example, the House of Representatives held two hearings last year related to its investigation into allegations of excessive force by members of the U.S. Park Police in LaFayette Square, located across the street from the White House, on June 1, 2020. Rioters protesting the death of George Floyd occupied the federal park for days, attacked law enforcement, set fires, and looted nearby property, which prompted the Secret Service to move President Trump to a safe location. An inspector general report later confirmed rioters assaulted federal officers with “bricks, rocks, caustic liquids, frozen water bottles, glass bottles, lit flares, rental scooters, and fireworks.” 

But LaFayette Square rioters were portrayed as victims rather than perpetrators of the violence. One activist, Kishon McDonald, a 39-year-old Navy veteran, testified to the House Natural Resources Committee in June 2020 that “police started throwing tear gas and flash-bang grenades at us for no reason . . . We were retreating. Using weapons on us was ridiculous. It just made the situation dangerous.” Officers also were accused of hitting protesters with riot shields and batons.

A similar yet more violent situation played out on Capitol Hill on January 6. Open-source video and testimonial evidence show Capitol and D.C. Metro police officers using flashbangs, “sting balls” filled with rubber projectiles, and excessive amounts of tear gas against peaceful protesters assembled outside the building an hour before the building even was breached. Other first-hand accounts describe physical assaults by police; one clip circulated on Twitter in late November shows several D.C. Metro police officers taking down and beating a protester who apparently breached a security line.


At least one protester, Ashli Babbitt, was shot and killed by Capitol Police Officer Michael Byrd, although she was unarmed and posed no lethal threat.


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  • I wonder if all this PLANNED and ORGANIZED "insurrection" is why 4 Capitol Police officers have been suicided?

    ALERT: Latest Police Suicides Linked to January 6 Raise SUSPICIONS- Four Cops Now DEAD- Something B…
    There's one way of making sure that these guys didn't come out with the truth that the government doesn't want the public to know. DEEP STATE ANYONE?
  • We the People won't find out because the deep state, including the mcconnell/mccarthy cabal of gop establishment TRAITORS don't want us to see their complicity in the TREASON!!!!!!!!!!

  • With any luck, Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, will file an FOIA lawsuit and force the issue!  If it's denied in local DC courts, Fitton will, without a doubt, take it all the way to SCOTUS!

    • the deep state will just ignore any court ruling that they don't like and nothing will be done to enforce it!!!!!


  • Trump did an amazing job trying to rebuild this nation economically, security, trade, regulation, borders etc. Because he was an outsider who we sent there to FIX the corruption, waste, fraud that the leftists have infected the government for years, they hated him and feared he would expose their rotten policies and personal graft.  They tried from day one with phony collusion and interferences , yet Trump still accomplished more than that Obama's nonsense or this idiot Biden could ever do.  The fascist democrat/progressive/socialist/communist party (since it has many facets from moderate liberal to rabid radical) has over the years installed programs, individuals, departments, media, education elements to protect, feed fake information, divert attention, spew propaganda to suit their addiction to control and power.  They further create hate and division by attacking ALL of our norms, cultural routines, history, language, gender functions.  They create race baiting and division, keeping fuel on the flames of past crimes, problems and faults that have been addressed, resolved, eliminated and evolved to a better society.  The left further incorporates agitators and groups like Soros and his many "foundations of chaos". They shove fascist education norms like CRT, WOKE and other methods to create blame and further hate in children.  They encouraged rioters, looting, terrorism through groups like BLM, Antifa, CAIR, Laraza and many other groups that "show up" to create mayhem, assaults and burnings.  The attempts to destroy police departments which further leaves citizens to be victimized, while the anti American left works hard to disarm citizens at the same time these leftist terror groups attack neighborhoods, businesses and citizens.  Next the leftists let criminals out of jail with no cash bail, use light sentences on murderers, rapists, looters, arsonists etc.  How anybody can support this current regime in the white house and his completely corrupt appointees is beyond rational thinking.  The ideas that the Biden hacks have put forth in the last year are so beyond normal thinking that we can only conclude they are being used as tools of domestic and foreign enemies.  The Biden family alone is getting away with treason, payoffs from Russian, Ukraine and China are COMMON KNOWLEDGE and with evidence, yet the corrupt congress led by Pelosi and Schumer, two immoral, corrupt, twisted people would never clean their own "houses" from garbage like Swalwell, Schiff , Waters, Tlaib, Omar, Cortez.  But American, citizen, taxpayers continue to suffer with illegals flooding the nation, crime rising and all these bums can do is lie, cheat and line their own pockets.  WE NEED TRUMP BACK AND NEXT TIME, NO MORE MEDIA  AND GOVERNMENT SUBTEFUGE . 

    • Exactly what I have been saying since 2016!!!!!!


  • We will never see the truth until the Administration changes, Trump is back in the White House and all the alphabet agencies are punished for all their lying and hiding the truth.

  • Pelosi doesn't want the American people to know her involvement in the Capital intrusion on January 6. The reason for that is she helped orchestrate that intrusion with members of antifa and BLM. The real guilty party is not the Trump supporters but Nancy Pelosi and her minions in Congress that were in formed  antifa was in the building!  They won't knowledge ANTIFA and BLM were responsible for the riots that took place throughout the year of 2020. Nancy Pelosi and Democrats are the reason for the up raising  of generally peaceful patriotic Americans who have had enough of the criminal corruption within Congress and the Democratic national Socialist party.

  • There's only one way to end this: Judge Jeanine

    Dec 4, 2021


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