12225625285?profile=originalThere's a document describing how the sheriff came to acquire the absolute power he has.  Surprisingly many sheriffs were not aware of their power.  In other cases some have allowed themselves to be compromised. The sheriff is the law officer Americans very well might need .  The sheriff and his chosen posse can defend against any who would come into his county to steal your freedom !   There's a comprehensive report on "THE SHERIFF" available from
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To Restore the Constitutional Republic. At this very significant time we may be asking for some expert advice as was acquired by Sheriff Retired JOSEPH MACK, who exercised a sheriffs lawful authority and beat back "would be tyrants"--- .

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  • THIS and Jea9's reply REQUIRE A BLAST  E-MAIL across AMERICA.

  • The sheriff can also deputize as many as he so chooses. So, if the states took back their authority and jurisdiction as 50 sovereign Republics under Self-Rule and Governance—and the county sheriffs understood their authority as they take the Oath to both the State and United State's Constitutions, then things can be put back into the place where they belong.

    The Declaration of Independence makes clear that we are beholden to NO foreign entities but only to these united states of America and that we CAN——Alter or Abolish.

    DC is an INCorporation based on an international bankruptcy.

    The 14th A made us "subject to the jurisdiction thereof," (of D.C), which makes the 14th in violation of both the Declaration and the United States Constitution. This means that everything coming out of DC can be stood against and realistically, called as violations of Natural Rights as envisioned and declared in our documents. As but one example, the feds are ALLOWED to own only 10 sq. miles, including the federal jurisdiction, unless purchased or given the land as a "gift."

    However, they "officially" own around 28% of the US. In addition, they have offices and agencies, therefore, they have stolen many more acres than what they are allowed. Sheriffs could literally EVICT them out of local jurisdictions unless those "offices" have proven to PURCHASE or be GIVEN the land. 

    AND, ONLY—Natural Law is the foundation for our Constitution. Not administrative law nor foreign law. We have an entire century of disgusting court opinions that protected immorality and forcibly ejected morality from law. A lot can be said...Roe, 10C, Prayer, are a few...but there are more.

    Therefore, there can be no other law but Natural Law. There can be NO law that protects and serves immorality....and still have a Constitutional Republic with Liberty and Justice for ALL. The courts need to get the message one way or the other—that OUR LAW IS Natural Law and not corporate law, nor administrative law nor military maritime law. 

    And when THAT happens, the government system can be reset and rebirthed as it was originally intended. And to put it briefly, Natural Law requires no permissions, no "Mother-May-I" licensing or contract. It just IS, WAS and ALWAYS WILL BE. Even a two-year old is able to vocalize, "MINE!" We do not need permission. In the James Wilson Institute's Manifesto on Natural Law, we "never had the right to do wrong."

    Natural Law exists always, forever and is the gift of God in order to subdue, take dominion, bring all mountains of culture under the Mountain of the Lord, and to be actively, the salt and light of a culture. 

    We NEED our sherrifs to understand our founding, whom they are beholden to—and understand he power they possess to right this nation, one county at a time. A rising tide of understanding and empowerment can change everything. 

    A man after God's heart—David—won...One man, under covenant, with God, against a goliath. Stand on that. It is called FAITH. 

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