• The Ukraine is the most corrupt country in eastern Europe and that's saying some.  Of course he'd like the Russian assets so he and his oligarchs and American, Democrat handlers who would facilitate such a deal can all "Wet their beaks" as is said in the world of gangsters.

  • I don't know about corruption. Only thing I know and I like is he is killing Russians! 

    • Well you really should know about the corruption Joe because it's your ignorance and the ignorance of others like you that enables it and not only the theft and corruption, but the unconsciousnable killing too.  You like killing do you?  You think Russians are so much different from other people Joe?    As long as you don't have to do it I'd suppose and as long as it isn't happening too close to you, or as long as it happening to anyone you know.

  • Why the hell are we sending this POS anything? It's this a$$hole  and the EU along with our own warmongers that is creating this mess. This would never have happened under Trump. The WEF want world domination, and they are using climate change hoax and Covid scam to accomplish their goals. They got rid of Trump, they need to get rid of Putin and anyone else tht stands in their way. It's warmongers like Cheney and McCain that wanted these stupid wars.

  • He's got the dirt on the Bidens, he wants money...he gets money!
    Who made this situation possible? The corrupt Bidens did, they put our country into the position of being bribed!

  • This corrupt crook has all the money stashed away while he is protecting Biden and his buddies.  I wouldn't give him another dime, ever - want some kind of accounting where this money went.  He could have bought a whole new army and all the weapons, but that didn't seem to happen.

    • He is as stinking corrupt as the Biden's are

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