• The only winners of the futil wars are the "military complex" and the banker, aided and abated by the corrupt politicians. All we do is lend our backs to support the unpayable debt.

  • P/S It will take months to train Ukraine pilots for the F-16 and even longer to train the hundreds of support troops it takes to maintain the F-16... Once, they have F-16s and the maintenance, support personnel, and infrastructure (airfields and support buildings, they will need MUNITIONS... missiles, and ammunition.

    This all needs repayment... lots of cash, hundreds of billions.

  • All of the support we are giving to Zelensky needs to be REPAID over time... we simply don't have the money to equip the Ukraine Military...  Ukraine has large oil reserves they are not poor.

    This entire situation is beginning to look like the run-up to WW2 all over again...  Russia may well decide enough is enough and WW3 breaks out... watch out Hawaii.... any mini-subs in Pearl Harbor?

  • The whole world has become corrupt ($$$). The corruption leaders are our own Fed Reps and Pres that do everything for the benenit of the establishment. We wouldn't care if the establishment use their own money to keep their continuous futil wars running.

  • Ukraine is so corrupt (as is our govt) I wouldn't give them toilet paper, I only feel sorry for the people.

  • Ukraine is one of the most corrupt Country's in the World and Democrats and our Government have been using it for decades to laundry money and funding Bio- Chemical labs on the Ukraine Russia border. I say let them kill one another and stay the hell out of it

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