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Citizens concerned about the lack of immigration enforcement are urged to consider FLIMEN-PAC endorsements when choicing a candidate for elected office. Now is the time for concerned citizens to vote for candidates endorsed by FLIMEN.

Please consider contributing to either FLIMEN-PAC or directly to an endorsed candidate.

FLIMEN-PAC was authorized by the state of Florida on August 3, 2010.


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Floridians for Immigration Enforcement (FLIMEN) announces formation of FLIMEN-PAC, a Political Action Committee for State of Florida candidates for elected office.  is the first state-level IRE (Immigration Reduction and Enforcement) group in the US to form a PAC.

In past years FLIMEN and others were able to stop driver's licenses for illegal aliens for two years and to stop college tuition subsidy for illegal aliens for three years in the Florida Legislature.  In recent years FLIMEN has been frustrated by Florida Legislature Leadership who have blocked efforts to enact E-Verify legislation, namely the proposed Florida Citizens Employment Protection Act. While FLIMEN definitely supports enforcement legislation similar to Arizona's SB1070, the number one priority legislation of FLIMEN remains full E-Verify.  Enactment of full E-Verify addresses the crux of the problem, the condoning of jobs by illegal aliens.  Importantly, enactment of E-Verify will reduce fiscal and enforcement burdens. 

With frustration as a driving force the goal of FLIMEN-PAC is to help candidates who champion the cause of immigration enforcement get elected to office.  FLIMEN-PAC will be vetting more candidates in statewide races and races for the state legislature and will continue to make illegal immigration a key issue in Florida until immigration enforcement is achieved.

FLIMEN-PAC endorses the following candidates:

  • Gayle Harrell, Candidate for Florida House, District 81
  • Mike Lameyer, Candidate for Florida Senate, District 27
  • Rick Scott, Candidate for Florida Governor

Details of the endorsements follow:

  • Gayle Harrell, Candidate for Florida House, District 81

FLIMEN-PAC wholeheartedly endorses former State Representative Gayle Harrell in her campaign for the Florida House of Representatives.  During her previous service in Tallahassee, Harrell was known for her tireless work to stop illegal hiring and to end welfare benefits for illegal aliens.

"We're proud to make Gayle Harrell, a long-time ally and friend of immigration enforcement, our first endorsement," said FLIMEN Vice-President David Caulkett.

"Gayle Harrell was the key leader in Tallahassee for immigration enforcement," said FLIMEN Board Member Anthony Bonna. "With Arizona bringing the issue to the forefront once again, quite frankly, we need her back."

During her service, Harrell pushed through legislation, even when it wasn't popular in her own party.

"We remember working with Gayle when leadership within her own party wouldn't let our bills be heard," said FLIMEN Legislative Chairperson and Board Member Jack Oliver. "She stood up to leadership and didn't care what the political consequences might be."  Jack further states, "The current Representative, Adam Fetterman, has refused to help. We have personally reached out to Rep. Fetterman many times and asked him to join us in our fight to make E-Verify mandatory and stop illegal hiring. At this critical time, we need to have a representative like Gayle Harrell who will listen to the people."

Donations to Gayle Harrell's campaign are encouraged via FLIMEN-PAC below or via www.gayleharrell.com.

  • Mike Lameyer, Candidate for Florida Senate, District 27

FLIMEN-PAC enthusiastically endorses Mike Lameyer as the next Senator to represent Florida District 27.

Without reservation, Mike Lameyer, is the most informed candidate on the problem illegal immigration presents to the state of Florida, and in particular to the citizens within Florida Senate District 27. Mike's call for E-Verify and other measures to combat illegal immigration is not just a popular election ploy.  Mike Lameyer has been a resounding voice for action to address these problems for years.

"Mike Lameyer is more than rhetoric, he is a doer.  Mike has been a long-time consistent activist to the cause of immigration enforcement.  District 27 voters should not miss the opportunity to elect this exceptional individual." says FLIMEN Vice-President David Caulkett.

Donations to Mike Lameyer's campaign are encouraged via FLIMEN-PAC below or via www.mikelameyer.com.

  • Rick Scott, Candidate for Florida Governor

FLIMEN-PAC endorses Rick Scott to become the next Governor of Florida.

Florida needs a consistent champion and leader on the issue of illegal immigration. Rick Scott is that person. Rick Scott made solving Florida’s illegal immigration crisis the cornerstone of his campaign from the onset and has not wavered.  Rick Scott has demonstrated that he will make jobs for legal residents and immigration enforcement a top priority throughout the duration of his administration if elected as Governor.

Florida's illegal immigration crisis exists today because of the lack of leadership in Tallahassee over the last decade. That inaction cost Floridians an estimated $3.8 billion in 2008 (FAIRUS.org) and many more billions over the past decade. While career politicians failed to protect legal workers and businesses, jobs went to illegal aliens; hospital costs for illegal aliens have exploded, violent criminal aliens have been released back into Florida, and schools over-crowded with illegal alien students has resulted in inferior conditions for our own children.  Florida's career politicians have historically been absent from duty when called to protect Florida's legal workers and law-abiding businesses as exemplified by their failure to enact E-Verify since 2008.

While Bill McCollum had an admirable Congressional pro-enforcement immigration voting record, he has failed to consistently demonstrate throughout his career a leadership position on this critical issue. McCollum had years to help Floridians with our illegal nightmare, but did nothing until Rick Scott forced him to do so.

Now more than ever, Florida needs Rick Scott as a Governor who has the skill and experience to create jobs in the private sector and the leadership to ensure those new jobs go to legal workers of Florida.

Donations to Rick Scott's campaign are encouraged via FLIMEN-PAC below or via www.rickscottforflorida.com.

FLIMEN-PAC donations are needed to help the endorsed candidates.  Please donate generously.

Florida law requires all contributors to political campaigns meet the following qualifications:

- You must be a United States citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident.
- Your contribution must be made with your own personal funds for which you will not be reimbursed by a third party.
- Your individual contribution must not exceed $500 per election except those under 18 years of age can contribute a maximum of $100 per election.
- Your contributions are not tax deductible.

To contribute by mail:

Mail a check to FLIMEN-PAC and be sure to include your employer and occupation to:

P.O. Box 1032
Marco Island, FL  34146

The deadline for accepting a contribution for use in the 2010 primary election is August 19, 2010.
The deadline for accepting a contribution for use in the 2010 general election is October 28, 2010.


Pd. Pol. Adv. paid for by Floridians for Immigration Enforcement (FLIMEN)-PAC,

independently of any candidate.

FLIMEN-PAC, P.O. Box 1032, Marco Island, FL  34146

  Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.


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  • I am deeply troubled by Rick Scott's past as a CEO and the medical fraud related to than tenure. Although I support his position on illegal immigration, his explanation of "I didn't know" (so common among politicians) is insufficient to instill confidence that he will be looking out for, working for, "We The People".
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