We have 3 years to get this done

Of course a third "Donald Trump" term would be appreciated but the reality is that's not going to happen. Barack Obama was bragging about a third term but if a third term was legal a third term for obama would never happen due to all the hope generated by him mouthing off to everyone he was going to repair the economy and create jobs in his second term that NEVER happened. "Donald Trump" did indeed repair the economy and created jobs in his first term as he projected he would.


Click Link Here To Read The Full Article And View Some Picks I Looked At To Get Us Thinking: The United States Presidency After Donald Trump's Second Term? Who Are Our Favorites?

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After Donald Trump Gets Elected To His Second Term The Tea Party Will Have 3 Years To Find And Develope A President For The 2024 Election. The Time Is Now To Do This. We Can Never Let The Candidates Pick Themselves, We The Tea Party Pick Them.

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