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Media Bias and Corruption

The Top 50 Examples Of Liberal Media Bias

2). Castro’s Cheerleaders: The Soviets weren’t the only communists that America’s liberal media establishment has for years worked to shore up. Cuba’s Fidel Castro was also a communist dear to the hearts of the Old Media establishment. Never an unkind word for dear leader.
3). The Vietnam War:“The American media played a major role in spreading the idea that the U.S. was not only losing the war, but was also routinely committing the most barbaric atrocities against the Vietnamese population. Writes Paul Johnson: “Once the TV presentation of the war became daily and intense, it worked on the whole against American interests. It generated the idea that America was fighting a ‘hopeless’ war. Not only did the media underplay or ignore any U.S. successes, it tended to turn Vietcong and North Vietnamese reverses into victories.”

5). Edward Kennedy: One word explains how the Old Media covered for Senator Edward Kennedy throughout his political life: Chappaquiddick. How is it possible that a sitting senator could be involved in the death of a young woman and never really face any consequences for that crime? Even in death, Edward Kennedy benefited from media myth making.

6). Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas Vs. Elana Kagan: In 1987 and in 1991 when Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas were respectively nominated to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States, both men were utterly destroyed by the press. In the case of Bork they were successful in preventing his nomination, not so in the case of Thomas. It was so bad for Robert Bork that a verb was made of his name. After the press and Democrats succeeded in ruining his career and reputation the term “Borked” gained cache. On the other hand, when Elana Kagan was nominated by Obama to serve on the highest court in the land, the media went out of its way to ignore key factors in her career in order to facilitate her ascension to the court. Just for one for instance, when running as McCain’s VP, Sarah Palin the media reported that she engaged in “book banning” when she was mayor of Wasilla. But Elana Kagan actually ruled that book banning was OK and the media ignored the story during her confirmation hearings. Liberal media bias 101.

7). 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing: In an example of jumping to conclusions — as long as such jumping smears the right — the media has for years claimed that convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was a “Christian terrorist.” This is an absurd claim, though, because McVeigh did not perpetrate his crimes in the name of religion nor was he a proselytizing Christian. He was an anti-government activist and did not use religion to justify any of his actions. This claim is still extant and even came up recently in a piece by lefty journalist Juan Williams. McVeigh was also part of the mythic “white militias” fear that the media and President Bill Clinton drummed up in the 1990s with little to no evidence.

8). Media Falsely Reports Bush Loss in Florida In 2000: As voting for president in 2000 was still going on in Florida’s GOP leaning panhandle, several Networks reported that Bush had already lost the Sunshine State even though the polls had not yet closed. According to some this cost Bush some 10,000votes as voters who would have voted for Bush stayed home imagining that their candidate had already lost. If the Networks had not made this false announcement, the close vote in Florida would not have happened and Bush would have clearly beaten Gore.

10). Rathergate (or Memogate):In an effort to damage George W. Bush’s 2004 run for reelection, Dan Rather — whose bias goes back decades — floated a story based on forged documents that claimed Bush had gone AWOL from his Texas Air National Guard unit back in 1973. Internet sleuths, though, realized that the documents purporting to have been created on a 1970s era typewriter were actually made using a Microsoft computer font and obviously these computers did not exist in 1973. Rather refused to admit the truth, however, and ultimate lost his spot as the anchor of CBS’s nightly newscast. This takedown of a network news anchor put the Internet on the map as a force to be reckoned with.

11). Journolist:In June of 2010 the Daily Caller news website seized on the existence of a secret, private web message board open only to left-wing members of the news media, found its messages, and exposed them to the world. The message board was revealed to be openly plotting to make sure that negative coverage of Barack Obama was either explained away or, better yet, ignored by the media. This collusion showed that “the fix was in” and that liberal “journalists” saw no reason not to coordinate along ideological lines instead of simply reporting the truth.

14). Anti-Tea Party Bias: The leftist media really loves to hate the Tea Party movement. Any manner of lies and calumny has been ascribed to the Tea Party. They are racists, homophobes, haters, even terrorists of all sorts as far as the Old Media is concerned. In one incident, for instance, the media assigned Obama-as-Hitler signs sported at a Tea Party event to Tea Party members themselves. In fact, though, the Obama-Hitler posters actually belongedto the extremist LaRouche organization, a group Tea Partiers opposed.

15). Sarah Palin’s Swift Skirting: No candidate for high office has ever been more maligned by the Old Media establishment than Alaska Governor Sarah Palin after she was picked by Republican Presidential candidate John McCain to run as his Vice President. Palin was a Governor with very high approval ratings when McCain picked her for his running mate but by the time the Old Media got done attacking her, her record — real or imagined — even her children, her career as Governor was over. She was hounded from office by the media and its accomplices on the left. One of the early untrue reports on Palin was that her own baby, Trig, wasn’t hers but was really that of daughter Bristol. Then there was the false accusations that Palin used her political power to push around an Alaska State Trooper. The media even passed around the false claim that Palin banned books when she was Mayor of Wasilla using a list that included books that were not yet even published during her tenure as mayor. In fact, there are hundreds of cases of media bias against Palinand it continues to this day.

16). Climategate: The Old Media establishment has almost exclusively reported global warming from the point of view of religiously zealous warmists. But when thousands of emails were released to the public by hackers that proved that climate “scientists” were cooking the data and then working with members of the media, especially the BBC, to sell global warming theories, the Old Media tried its best to completely ignore the story. Weeks and weeks went by before the first few mavens of the Old Media finally mentioned the emails that put the lie to the “consensus” of global climate change. Thousands of more Climategate emails have been releasedrecently, but have you heard of them?

17). ACORN: Speaking of trying to squelch a story, we have a perfect example of that in ACORN. When videographer James O’Keefe unveiled videos of members of several ACORN officials agreeing to help what they imagined was a pimp trying to get government breaks on his housing costs for his prostitutes, the Old Media ignored the story for weeks. For his part Andrew Breitbart covered that story for weeks before the Old Media finally began to talk about it. An ACORN Whistleblower even emergedand the media, especially The New York Times, did its level best to squelch the story.

18). Gabrielle Giffords Shooting: From the moment that the crime against Representative Gabrielle Giffords became national news, members of the media began to blame her attack on the “violent rhetoric” of conservatives in general and the Tea Party movement in particular. A “climate of violence” perpetrated by the right was at fault, said the media. This line of attack on the right was unleashed by the media before the name of the attacker was even known. It later turned out that shooter Jared Lee Loughner had no discernible political beliefs at all and, in fact, had been targeting Giffords before the Tea Party movement was even started.

20). Obama as Messiah: Everyone knows the left-wing media did an excellent job selling Barack Obama as the ideal candidate for president in the 2008 elections. His background was ignored, his votes unreported, his schooling and records never looked into, the media fell thoroughly in love with their “O.” It got so absurd that newspaper, after, TV newser, after news outlet began to employ visuals presenting Obama in near religious imagery. Obama was constantly shown as if he had a halo around his head. As his first 100 days commenced, the media went into overdrive as cheerleaders for him.

22). Fort Hood Killer’s Religion Suppressed: As mentioned above, one of the many ways to see media bias is as much in what they don’t say as what they do say. The Fort Hood murderer was a perfect example. The media did is best to either ignore Major Nidal Hassan’s Muslim religionor downplay it choosing instead to focus on the fact that he was an Army psychiatrist.

23). Abu Ghraid: This story was portrayed by the left as an endemic problem perpetrated against Iraqi citizens by our solders. The fact that this was an isolated incident never seemed to be noted by the media. Worse, it turned out that many of the photos used by various media outlets to portray abuse of Iraqis were faked.

24). Guantanamo Bay: The media has gone out of its way to portray the terror detainee facility run by the U.S. military as an illegitimate, even racist venture. President Obama even ran his campaign promising to close the facility in a year after he ascended to the White House (a promise he later broke). But one thing the media never reports is that the recidivism ratein detainees returning to terror upon release from the facility is quite high. Key facts again ignored by the Old Media.

25). Fast And Furious:To this day the media has not spent much time covering Obama’s murderous program of supplying guns to Mexican Narco-Terrorists, a program that has killed hundreds of Mexican citizens and several U.S. law enforcement agents. To its credit, the L.A. Times has been very good on this story and so has CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson, but months went by before the rest of the media began to begrudgingly cover the story.

26). Occupy Wall Street: The media fell in love with Occupy Wall Street protests from the second they began. All reportage on these violent, crime-filled events has been suffused with a touch of sweetness and light by the media. Unreported has been the over 400 crimes committed by Occupiers not to mention the many thousands of small laws like local ordinances and rules that have been broken across the country. At these Occupy events we’ve seen rapes, thefts, rampant property destruction, drug abuse, some gun violence, even deaths have occurred at these protests. Yet the media is reticent to cover these crimes. This is a kindness the media never extended to the Tea Party movement. Another major aspect of the Occupy protests ignored by the media is the long list of un-American groups that are helping to fund and support them. From the American Nazi Party, to the KKK, to every communist, socialist, and union organization you can imagine, such haters have been a big part of OWSyet the media ignore it all.

27). Birthers: Whether you think Barack Obama is a natural born citizen or not, one thing you cannot say is that the Republican Party supports the position that he is not. It may be true that the so-called “birthers” might generally vote Republican but it does not follow that birtherism is a Republican plank — the party has neither questioned the point, issued press releases about it, nor made any policy on it. There are no prominent Republicans that support the idea that Obama isn’t a natural born citizen. But one would never know that by reading the lefty media. Take AOL’s Huffington Post, for instance. Even though HuffPo begins a recent article saying, “The issue of President Barack Obama’s citizenship has been largely absent from the 2012 Republican primary,” the lefty website run by AOL still goes on to link every GOP candidate to birtherism even though not one of them have said they think Obama is not a citizen. Or take Chris Matthews who claimed on his Cable TV show that a “majority of Republicans are birthers.” Now THAT is bias!

28). Ground Zero Mosque: The media outdid itself in the Ground Zero Mosque battle and always came down on the side of those that wanted to build the thing on the very grounds where Muslims murdered so many thousands of Americans on that dark day on September 11, 2001. Take an AP report, for instance, that tried to characterize the Ground Zero Mosque as just one of many Muslim mosques in the area. But the facts run contrary to what AP tried to massage into being. Of course, this is another issue that the Old Media tried for months to avoid talking about.

30). Herman Cain: We’ve all just gone through the end of Herman Cain’s bid for the GOP nomination for the Republican Party. And while Herman came up against a lot of media bias — Cain was often called an Uncle Tom, for one — the biggest example of anti-conservative bias in his campaign was the story of his alleged (and still unproven) infidelities. Just compare the favorable media treatment that Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and other Democrats got for their bimbo eruptions to how the media covered Cain. Clinton, Edwards, even JFK and his brother’s infidelities were either entirely ignored or their stories were avoided for many long months before the media finally deigned to cover it all. Yet Cain’s accusations ht the news immediately. Cain was not given the benefit of the doubt that Democrats almost always get from the media.

32). Juan Williams and NPR: Fox News contributor Juan Williams is certainly a left-winger, no question. But in 2010 when he uttered what his employer, National Public Radio, claimed was a “racist” attack on Muslims and then fired him for it, Williams became a cause célèbre in conservative circles. But NPR and PBS both have a long history of nasty comments directed at conservatives and not one other employee was fired over it. Apparently “hate” against conservatives is OKwith our taxpayer-subsidized broadcasters.

33). George Soros/The Koch Brothers: A recent Fox News story asked the trenchant question, “Why Don’t We Hear About Soros’ Ties to Over 30 Major News Organizations?” It is a good question. While the media constantly slamsconservative/libertarian donors David and Charles Koch, George Soros is consistently ignored by that same media seemingly so interested in exposing the influence of big money in politics.

37). “Hate Speak” Double Standard: The lefty media have for decades railed about the “hate speak” coming from America’s conservative talk radio hosts. Every sleight, real or perceived, uttered by conservative talkers has been ballyhooed as shameful shock radio. Yet worse has been perpetrated by left-wing talk radio hostsand the Old Media has remained silent.

38). Reporters or Advocates?: The liberal media is always hot to find “bias” in conservatives, of course. They are always on the hunt to connect dots between any conservative’s background and actions to “prove” he is hopelessly sold out and, therefore, untrustworthy. But the same is never true when liberals go from journalism to advocacy. In fact, left-wing journalists jump back and forth from “journalism” to political campaigns, to political advocacy groups and back to journalism all the time and not one of them are ever questioned as to their veracity as a journalist. Examples of lefty journalists jumping to advocacy abound. Just to name a few, Sanjay Gupta went from reporting on medicine to joining Obama’s administration, Chris Matthews was once a common journalist but is now a cheerleading commentator for the far left (yet still treated by the media as a legit journalist), Jay Carney went from print journalism to Obama’s Press Secretary, Linda Douglas went from TV news to White House Comm Director and back to journalism without a hitch in the esteem of her colleagues. Even those “journalists” that started in Democrat politics are never questioned. Take Chuck Todd for instance. Todd started as a Democrat campaign staffer and ended up as a “journalist” even becoming NBC’s Chief White House Correspondent and Political Director! But remember when conservative journalist Tony Snow joined the Bush administration as Press Secretary? The calumnies were numerous and attacks immediate. And when he died of cancer only a few years later many lefties expressed joy at his demise.

39). Most Biased Reporters: The list of America’s Top Ten most biased reportersincludes Helen Thomas, Joe Klein, Paul Krugman. Christiane Amanpour, and others.

40). Only the Poor Have to Become Soldiers: This claim is one bandied about by the left-wing media all the time. The goal with this false meme is to cause readers to imagine that the U.S. military is made up of the poorest Americans, those that have no other options but to go into the armed forces. This, then, helps the left mischaracterize the military as an exploiter. It is, of course, untrue. In 2011 it was found that only 11% of enlisted soldiers are from lower income families


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  • I am gathering people from around our great land to pray before we act. I know that we all have ideas of what we want to happen. I believe that so much needs to go into saving this great country and our sovereign states. That is why we need to pray before we act. Our live prayers are every Sundays at 8:30 Easter time. We will be having a special prayer on Wednesday, 8:30 pm, Eastern because of the inauguration. Our YouTube channel is, Living Tree. Look up the video "Creek" and we will pop up. Blessings. Let's do this together, led by the hands of God's mercy and strength.
  • The media should always support Democracy and support, with words, our Democrat Nations that have always been our friend. Since Obama has been elected he go do all against them or just not support them and the Liberal media says little or nothing. We remember when JFK and Bobby were taken from us that the Liberal media, even today almost supports their murders by accusing them with Monroe. Bobby has never been proven connected to her. Basically what we have is a bunch of liars for whatever reasons they choose. No one was ever convicted of her death as it was suicide. We see this with many stars so they used this against them both with accusations! MOB run media? Maybe we could say connections to the CIA and the MOB just as one reporter was killed in England recently for reporting that Russia was deeply into the International MOB. He was given, unawares, a Polonium radioactive isotope and died in 2 weeks. We hear nothing about any investigation now!

  • I am a veteran, 65-67, and I know personally what happened in our colleges. In 1963 a wonderful lady American and World History teacher warned us of what was to come. I love our Country and my Father gave his life in WWII as a tail gunner on a B-17 4 months before I was born. I asked to go to Nam and wanted to help their people keep from Communist rule, which is a darned good thing. Chinese still cannot vote for Federal leaders! Communist Countries heads appoint them! Some friends of mine became very angry that I took 5 with me to support and go to Vietnam! Why? They were dating mental midgets who attended college. Our colleges were already infiltrated with the far Left and even Communist teachers!

    Fact and I went through it. What shocked me was when we asked to go, even the guy that was suppose to sign us up was against it!

  • Since when do seniors need them to be pro choice? That is not what they were intended to be. They were to help support seniors in matters that concerned and were about seniors. Men and women.

  • One more that seniors all now know is full of corruption and lies. The AARP supports Liberal Candidates and now look at what they have with Obamacare! He robbed medicare and Medicaid for his anti-Constitution health care! If you go to the their webpage you should read the complaints. Seniors are boiling that were foolishly members of this pro-choice organization. I wrote them I would not join as they supported radicals. I got a letter back from them. It stated it was because they support "pro-choice!" Please take your morning after pill, Granny? Posting this for them did little good as many want the so-called benefits. Conservative pro-senior groups are in disarray and separated. I joined one of 3? Makes no sense as any Conservative group should not allow divide and conquer!

  • Remember the speech JFK made that said, "Do not ask what your Country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your Country!" JFK was a Moderate and a Moderate back then was as a Conservative of today! We hear all kinds of accusations of womanizing about JFK, especially now in the Liberal media! They want to suggest that those that have honor do not! JFK was mostly a man of his word. World leaders respected his word!

    We may be sure that Obama does NOT have respect from most Democracies and rightly so. He never keeps his oath of office and simply ignores it! Americans, why are we allowing this? It seems that racism and the Liberal agenda are behind keeping Obama in office.

  • Why not boycott to the max those networks that lie; corrupt freedom of speech; and do all to destroy our freedoms throughout the world? We know many times we do this on our own, anyway. I mean we boycott organizations that are anti-freedom of expression of faith or of beliefs.

    We left out another radical group that I am even a member of. I pay dues and, of course, it is a union. Union members get all kinds of lies in flyers about Conservative Candidates and it is all about forcing people to join a union. We had Right to Work passed in Michigan and Fox News attacked by MOB members. I told them they are lucky I was not there as I would of took them out, forever, hand to hand!

    Then the other one we forget, although this is 1963, and JFK and then Bobby were named in a hit by the MOB! Note that the left suggested it was some Right Wing radical. When it was found that Oswald was a devout Communist most media went silent to this fact. Then we passed the Freedom of Information Act which released files from the FBI. The Warren Report never had or never released this information. A video of Oswald working out and wife taps to the Detroit MOB! It was a MOB hit on both JFK and Bobby. Bobby, as Attorney General had the MOB under investigation and before the Committee. The leader, while leaving, told Bobby he was a dead man and this on tape! The wire tap between him and Detroit said this, "If you get the head, you get the tail!" It was assumed that if JFK was removed then LBJ would appoint another! He did not so they took out Bobby! We did not hear these things for many years!

  • The Benedict Arnold Brigade in the Media, in our Schools, Judical system and Politics are working hard to destroy America~~ The British tried and failed~~The Nazi's, Italian Facists and Japanese Imperialists tried and failed ~~~So will these Usurpers from Hell~~~They will be sent back to Hell to join their mentors~~~Hitler, Stalin and Chairman Mao..!

  • The Media is the foremost Domestic Enemy of our Christian Constitutional Republic!

  • The only way we will ever see any of the FCC licenses,become available, is if the companys that own them, are forced to sell them! and the only way you can force them, is to bankrupt them. simple as that. I have a plan but, it's to large for the Teaparty alone, we need the support of other conservative groups as well. but the plan calls for more self sacrifice, witch I don't think anybodys ready for! and with out the support of the Patriots it will go nowhere.

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