October 2, 2010 Watkins Glen, NY

Inaugural "We The People" ~ "Patriot Rally In The Glen"

Friends Meeting Friends

Hosted by the Odessa Tea Party Group

This is an open invitation for all Patriot Groups and individuals to join in this Inaugural Patriot Rally.  This is open for all Tea Parties, 9.12 Organizations in the Region! 

The Patriot Rally is being held at the Watkins Glen Community Center Clute Memorial Park - On Boat Launch Road just off ofRte 414 Watkins Glen, NY 14891 

Times of event 12:00 noon - 4:00 pm (anyone wanting to stay longer is welcome)

The intent of this rally is to get associated with other Tea Party, 9.12 and Conservative Groups and build a working relationship to support each other.   All of these groups have the basic principle of striving to get this country back to a Government that listens to WE THE PEOPLE, one that follows the Constitiution of the United States of America.  

Please come out for this great Patriots Rally and feel free to bring your family and friends to enjoy a beautiful day in Watkins Glen with like minded individuals.  

The Watkins Glen Community Center is located  just off Rt 414 on Boat Launch Road behind the RV Park at the South End of Seneca Lake.  Plenty of parking and all can enjoy the beautiful Clute Memorial Park located on Seneca Lake.  We have reserved the building for use as a gathering point and to enjoy the food available 

Our program is currently being developed but this is what we have confirmed so far:

Bob Schulz will speak at this event.  www.givemeliberty.org

The Liberty Bus will be at this event for education and training www.libertyinamerica.com 

A number of Candidates have been invited to attend this event and we are currently awaiting their RSVP Response.  To those candidates listed on this e-mail Please consider this as an additional invitation to this event to meet and mingle with our attendees! 

There will be more details released as we develop this program and list of speakers and candidates attending!

For all Patriot Groups attending Please, as soon as reasonably possible RSVP to let us know how many from your groups we can expect so we can provide logistics on planning and for our Food vendor with an approximate attendance number.    The Food vendor will be the Watkins Glen Fire Company Inc. who will have hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, soda, water, and coffee all at reasonable prices.

Please Confirm through our RSVP e-mail:


or stop by our meetup group website:

For Additional information on the Watkins Glen Region feel free to look at the Watkins Glen Chamber of Commerce: 

Thank You

Bill Card
e-mail: wcard@mac.com

Please pass this information along to your Friends, Families and Conservative Groups time is running out and we have to take the Empire State and our Country back NOW!  


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