Yes My Name is Alan Queen,

                                            I'm very Proud of being a Member of the North Carolina Chapter of the Tea Party it is a Great Feeling to feel like a FREE Man again fighting corruption and behind door deals in Congress. Which I notice Larry Kissell nor Kay Hagen has nothing to say about it at all. As a matter of fact if Obama said, we all must follow each other down the path I have laid out, and there was a cliff in it, they didn't make a peep, just fell in line and marched right off that cliff ! With out Question they both are YES people to the President and do not Represent the People at all. I'm a Tea Party Member because, I'm Tired of the same old same old from both Parties, lying to get our Vote then doing what they want to do once in Office! It's time for US to stand up together and say NO MORE, We Shall Vet every One that seeks Office, and make sure with a Argeement, Contract for America, for Government to listen again to the People that Elect them into office. With a Promise that if they do not Represent the interest of the People We can have them removed from Office, each State still has the Power to do so By the People, and for the People, to have a Contract for America to help block Liberal Progressives from driving us to Socialism. Our Forefathers fought to give US these Rights, and said that Our Creator give them and only he could take them, and We must stand up and be Counted Now Together Side by Side We must Fight these Modernist that want to take Our God out and away from everything, that has made US Great as a Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for All !  Without Our God whom the Forefathers were not ashamed to call on for Guidance, We would be just like the Rest of this Cold Dark World with out God. We must standup and tell our Leaders,We do not wish to be anything like the Godless Europe, or the UN trying to strip us and make us join this New World Order. My Hero Ronald Reagan our Beloved President hated the UN with a passion, how it is powerless to move against our enemys and wastes millions of dollars given to it, every year. I hope you will join me in Voting all these Bums out in November. God Bless You All, and Pray for Our Country as well as Haiti and Israel for Peace and the return of Jerusalem to the Jewish People.

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