This Child abuse A terroristic racist  NC Teacher Teacher Diantha Harris she is a 5th grade teacher in the Mary McArthur A+ Elementary School 3809 Village Drive ~ Fayetteville, NC 28304  caught intimidating white students in a classroom over the Obama elections. The students sat their in fear. This teacher should be removed and tired for mental torture of a child It is bad enough one childs father was in the military but to single out the child was uncalled for.

This is disgusting. This racist Black elementary school teacher humiliates and abuses the captive audience power of the classroom to belittle kids who say they are supporting McCain!

They are children for %*($@ sake! She humiliates one girl and promotes ostercizing her in the classroom because her father is in the military and she supports McCain. I am glad this is on tape. Again this is the common sick and disgusting mindset of the Obama supporter.

This NC teacher should lose her job!

Her Board:

Her School:

Email her directly!

Give her the First Amendment!
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