Hello Fellow NC Tea Partyers,

It's waaaaaaaayy too hot to even think about it now, but does anyone agree with me on having a type of gathering at a park or other outdoor venue (of course Mother Nature could have an effect) and having a simple hot dog/hamburger and potato salad and chips cookout and maybe screening a "Constitutionally based" DVD like Fall of the Republic or similar ? I have a big grill and love to cook for a crowd and I could see what it would cost to rent the screen and projector. It's been my experience that although folks agree/believe in something strongly THEY WON'T "READ" ABOUT IT AS EASY AS THEY'D "WATCH" A MOVIE ABOUT THE SAME THING. If this is something y'all feel would work towards the end of summer when it cools off, then please email me and lets see what we can put together.


Tea Party member-Salisbury

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  • What I want to know is are we going to do anything on SEPT 10 or 11?

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