Measure 66 and 67

How out of touch are both parties that they continue to spend and never try to cut or save money both in out State and the Federal Goverment. Its time for a change

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  • They are totally out of touch. It shows when they have the gall to ask for the citizens of Oregon to vote yes for more taxes. There is a process most of us live by day to day. It's called money management. If you can't afford it don't buy it. The politicians want something they can't afford so they rob other funds to pay for there wants until there is no more to rob. It's then they come up with the brilliant idea of more taxes. Well Mr Politician we have giving you no more money for you to waste. If you will notice public service and kids seem to always end up as there ace in the hole. I'm a retired firefighter and I'm sick of their excuses. May I suggest that this years November election we clean house in Oregon and elect someone new. By doing this the newbie's will know if we don't like what they do we can get rid of them all. As for the coming election I say NO to new taxes.
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