Read About The True Founders Of The Now Tea Party

Ross Perot, Donald Trump And Pat Buchanan are the true founders of the now Tea Party. The Tea Party is in fact a spin off of the old 1990's Reform Party

Welcome to this national Tea Party group page. No matter what you hear from others the Tea Party is the last true group of people that supports the U.S. Constitution as it was written and not interpreted. Other groups calling themselves Constitutionalists aren't true supporters of the U.S. Constitution due to their support for values like illegal immigration, massive legal immigration, not defending U.S. interests, not looking after the safety of U.S. citizens, wanting a government to pay for their faults, bad habits and the misguided ideologies of open borders that's a security breach to U.S. citizens that's bringing hardship even to legal naturalized U.S. citizens.

Other groups that call themselves Constitutionalists consider the two party system a pagan society and they stay home and don't vote for a better candidate in the parties with true constitutional values leaving unwanted candidates in positions to gain a seat in an elected position or they vote for their own candidate out of the larger two parties knowing that a rotten candidate in the larger two parties will win.

Some republican party representatives support economic values put forth by the constitution but slide over to the communist side on social issues thinking they are making a difference in helping people but in actuality they are hurting people more than helping them. The U.S. Constitution clearly states status and wealth in the U.S. has to be based on "Luck" and only "Luck". Our Forefathers set "Luck" in the U.S. Constitution due to their past knowledge of all governments run by Kings and Dictators were bad, "REALLY BAD". Socialism is just a long stepping stone to Communism and Communism is just a "Group Of Dictators" that control a "King".

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"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

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The True Beginning Of The Tea Party

Back in the 1990's the republican party had no idea the democrats had turned to communism because it was so well covered up. You know, "The More People You Can Bull Shit The More Votes You Can Get". Even to this day with the communist values the democrats are ALL campaigning on B.S.and the shit still fly's by way of the democrats lying to everyone to no end about the Republicans while they spin their communism to be "Democracy". Ross Perot created the "Reform Party" in 1995 to fight the exact…

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