5074801091?profile=RESIZE_584xThe state flag of Tennessee has three stars representing the "grand divisions" of the state: East, Middle, and West. The stars are "bound together in indissoluble unity by an unending white band".


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State Election Information

Statewide election dates:
August 6, 2020: Primary
November 3, 2020: General election

Offices on the ballot

Below is a list of 2020 Tennessee elections covered by Ballotpedia. Follow the links to learn more about each type.

President of the United States
U.S. Senate
U.S. House
Congress special election
Other state executive
State Senate
State House
Special state legislative
State Supreme Court
Intermediate appellate courts
Local judges
School boards
Municipal government
Ballot measures
Local ballot measures



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  • I am gathering people from around our great land to pray before we act. I know that we all have ideas of what we want to happen. I believe that so much needs to go into saving this great country and our sovereign states. That is why we need to pray before we act. Our live prayers are every Sundays at 8:30 Easter time. We will be having a special prayer on Wednesday, 8:30 pm, Eastern because of the inauguration. Our YouTube channel is, Living Tree. Look up the video "Creek" and we will pop up. Blessings. Let's do this together, led by the hands of God's mercy and strength.
  • Is it sedition to join this group? Is it sedition to wonder if you are committing sedition? Is it sedition to shed a tear thinking that we live with so many that have no respect for anyone but themselves and their little groups and their hate and fear. I for one will not be drawn into their world!
  • Glad to be back !
  • The democrats have so many people brainwashed it is hard to fight it, they sure know how to take over the country that is what healthcare is for to finish the takeover, how do we fight it.  we are so outnumbered.  I do not have a republican living any where around me, I have no one to even invite over to lunch so I am feeling pretty low about the future of are country.


    Gibson County Patriots,


       On September 29th a coalition of 63 Tennessee Tea Party groups called “Coalition for a Constitutional Senate” met in Cookeville Tennessee. The purpose was to vet the 4 Republican candidates who have announced their intention to challenge Lamar Alexander in the 2014 Republican primary election and come to consensus on one candidate to support.


    The only chance of beating Lamar Alexander is for the Tea Party state wide to unify their support behind one primary candidate. The candidate selected by the coalition is State Representative Joe Carr.


    Regardless of how you vote in the general election I hope you’ll join this effort to remove Lamar Alexander as a general election choice by supporting Joe Carr for Senator in the Republican primary election.


    If you have any doubt about the need to beat Lamar Alexander please see his voting record attached. Lamar Alexander’s voting record is the most powerful tool we have. Please spread it as far and wide as you can.



  • We need to replace democrats  Period!!!!

    • They are all democrats now.
  • Wow!!!! I looked at the members list and Iam the only one listed in Harriman. 

  • Tea Party Tennessee

    I thought we joined the Tennessee Tea Party in May, but when I scrolled through the list of members, I didn''t see my name - Karin.

    I know we belong to our local Tea Party in Sumner County.

    How do we joint the Tea Party of Tennessee?  I don't see a JOIN button?


    Karin and all:

    Here is link to our Tea Party Groups page:


    Scroll down the list of States to Tennessee and look for a Tea Party group in your area.

    We are working to update links there, so our apologies if a link isn't working.

    Locate a Local Tea Party Group
       Tea Party Local Groups by State Estimates Over 38.4 Million Tea Drinkers  Please encourage your Tea Party organization to create their own page o…
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Watching our freedoms being taken away...

I am a retired senior citizen realizing that younger people of this country are not alarmed with our economy or religious freedoms being destroyed.Many of them think The Tea Party is not relavent to saving our country. I believe it is.We still have the greatest country that ever existed on earth. I will never give up fighting for it.So help me God!

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Army Officer Warns Of DHS Coup: Emergency Report

 Army Officer Warns Of DHS Coup: Emergency ReportAlex JonesInfowars.comMarch 24, 2013Alex Jones reports on retired U.S. Army Captain Terry Hestilow’s letter to his senator demanding the Obama administration and DHS answer for the recent purchase of billions of rounds of ammunition and thousands of armored military personnel vehicles.In this video, Alex explains why there has been a coup d’état against our Constitutional Republic, and breaks down why the office of the presidency is becoming…

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William Jennings Bryan

My friends, we declare that this nation is able to legislate for its own people on every question, without waiting for the aid or consent of any other nation on earth; and upon that issue we expect to carry every state in the Union. I shall not slander the inhabitants of the fair state of Massachusetts nor the inhabitants of the state of New York by saying that, when they are confronted with the proposition, they will declare that this nation is not able to attend to its own business. It is the…

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just saying how it is

I’m no anarchist but I do believe in freedom and this country needs help a little bit of crazy is needed now more than ever.  In days of yore when men were men battles were fought with words and backed up with pistols, swords, fists, and cannons.  The economy can be fixed rather easily stop trading with communists.  People who have no concept of individual thought therefore give no question to making cheap replicas and selling them back to us at twice the price.   Human rights are unheard of in…

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