A list of Websites for adding Content to the site

Hi all, 

Here is a list of websites that I frequent on a daily basis looking for content.*/index (If you use this site, you have click and copy from "Print")

I'm sure that you guys have sites that you visit that are not on my list!  I will not share anything from RedState...ever.  They hate the President Elect! The National Review is anti-Trump but not all of their authors use it sparingly!

Bill Kristol is popping up new sites since RedState took a big hit because of his antics, so check and see if he is associated with a new source...because I will not use anything that he does. It looks like TruthRevolt folded....the web address is for sale now.  Ben Shapiro, unfortunately, has made some serious errors lately.  Left Breitbart over a made up story, hates Trump...but, he might return to the fold.  Using anything from him would be on a story by story basis.

If you have any questions about how to add the content, email me and we can get on a private message chat and I'll bring you up to speed!

Sincere, thanks for your willingness to step up!


Sometimes I find things in the Huffington Post that are so stupid that I use them.....or Salon, Mother Jones or any other left wing site.

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  • Dee, thanks for the opportunity to contribute.
    I and several hundred others are involved in:
    1) Reestablishing the Common Law and Common Law Grand Jury in our Judicial System. See: and 1992 Supreme Court Decision, US vs Williams in which Justice Scalia wrote the Majority Opinion!
    2)Eliminate our De Facto government and return to De Jure government which involves eliminating the British Accreditation Registry, Attornys' BAR.
    3) Establise real money of value i.e., Red Seal Public Bank Notes.
    A phone call may be best initially since the issues are very large & complex.
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