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  • Thanks for the invitation Freedom.

  • Nancy,

    I see you as a very fiasty person, who says what is one your mind and I like that directness.  I grew up in a very large family with 3 brothers and 5 sisters plus a mother, so being intimadated with women was never a problem with me. 

    My dad taught me to be slow to speak and to keep my meat hooks off my sisters, so I enjoy reading women's posts that are direct and informative.

    As recently as yesterday,  I read one of your posts where you described yourself as a 5'4"  lady who used to get the crap beat out of you when you were going to school years ago.  Made me laugh when you said that a one on one encounter made the difference.

    I know that many people want to get out in the streets and assemble as a force against the Liberal establishment, but I don't think it will work out so well for many Conservative thinking people.  Oh yeah, they have a lot of guns and ammo stocked up like I do, but when the time comes for them to "do something" about law enforcement taking their guns--what will they really be ready to do?  Most will be a statistic and if they aren't shot to death, they will be bussed off to the nearest FEMA camp.

    Realistically, I believe that most of the defence will be done in a Divine way.  I don't know you, but I am not affraid to say that it will be the people of God (Christians) who will have to make up their minds on whether to return to God or continue to do things the way of Cain in their lives.

    God says He will heal our land "if" His people return to Him.  And I believe God! His people have allowed government to do what they have pleased for a very long time as they went about their lives, doing things that were contarary to the will of God in their lives.

    As I mentioned in another blog, God is a gentleman.  He does not force anyone to do anything, but He will discipline His own at times.  The discipline America is seeing now is because of the Christians (true believers of Jesus Christ as their savor) and not non-believers.  God is judging His own people these days, plus He is judging evil in parts of the world at the same time.

    Now, you many not agree with me and that is OK, because I respect the fact that you may not know Jesus Christ or you may believe but are not trained in the word of God (bible).  I have been in the word for 27 years, since day one of coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savor and only way to heaven.

    I do not see that getting out in the streets and being arrested or even killed is the solution to turning this country around.  Only God will be the one to turn it around.  So, does that mean that I sit in a corner and just pray? Not at all!  Many Christians, even some of my nearest friends do that and don't see that they have a role in getting the message out to people, that our government is out in force to take about our God given rights.  I believe God gave America the right to freedom, to speak and to live peacefully.  So, what God has given us, we should have honored, but we didn't.  WE took Him for granted, many Christians living for themselves instead of for the Lord who sacrificed His life on the cross for their sins.

    I had better stop now, because I am good at writing books and will drivel on here forever.

    My hopes are that you know the Lord Jesus Christ for yourself, but if you don't, I am not in any way looking down on you or will try to indoctrinate you.

    Good day to you and I wish You a Happy New Year!


  • Thank you for your posts- I am pretty new to this myself- still learning how to get about this site. God Bless
  • Always enjoy reading your comments--Freedom

  • Thanks for accepting and have a very Happy and Healthy New Year!


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