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This is not our government anymore, they are not going by the Constitution at all! What ever policy they do now are for all foreigners! They do nothing for us, We The People, The Citizens of this country anymore, it is all against us!! We are the enemy of the NWO, and what they our ex-government does is just to help bring on the NWO! So as our enemies are , our ex-government, that have all been bought and paid for by the international elites, this is why our ex-government does not hear We The People anymore!!! The government in place, is no longer the United States government by we the people, and for the people anymore! It is like a big corporation that is running this country now! There fore it would not, repeat, not be illegal to overthrow it, it is a big company is all, it is not our government anymore!!! Like I said before, this election is going to be all BS, bought and paid for, nothing from this election is going to change anything what so ever!!! They want a slave/master relationship, and they want a whole heck of a lot of People to die in the process, reducing the population of the Earth...This is just part and parcel of the NWO master plan!!

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