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Jim Gagliolo replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion America, Do Not Let What is Happening in Australia and Nigeria Come Here!
"This is a prelude to The Mark Of The Beast.
Get society comfortable with complying or you can't participate in routine, daily societal actions."
Oct 2, 2021
Jim Gagliolo replied to Admin Dee's discussion Liberal Teacher Says Encouraging Kids to Behave Is White Supremacy
"This explains why the African American society has more members arrested and incarcerated. It explains why more Blacks than any other demographic are prone to burning down their own homes and businesses. It explains why more Black men than any other…"
Sep 15, 2021
Jim Gagliolo replied to Admin Dee's discussion Question of the Day: Will You "Take to the Streets" if they Mandate the Covid Vaccine?
"Absolutely !  The US has not changed, even in the face of so much protesting, demonstrations and destruction. The CONSTITUTION is STILL the law of the land.
The Liberal, brown suited, federal gestaspo shall mind their own business."
Jul 27, 2021
Jim Gagliolo replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Ban on 205 Different ‘Assault Weapons’ Introduced by Sen. Feinstein
"I believe the Liberal response would be :
"Ya ... but stones are difficult to carry and it takes a lot of effort to kill someone with a rock. So, the number of deaths would go down.
Besides, why do you need rocks ? "
Mar 12, 2021

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