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Demoncrats Target Disloyal Democrat


A couple of weeks ago, after returning from a Syria fact-finding trip, REPRESENTATIVE Tulsi Gabbard made headlines by calling Obama out as a Treasonous Traitor for the Iran Nuclear Treaty which we all know simply finded their Nuclear program with U. S. taxpayer dollars.and also Obama's blundering around in Syria and contributing to the problem rather than the solution, as was reported in Tea Party email correspondence I received.

Now, all of a sudden on the other Tea Party Blog post, the headline reads, "BREAKING NEWS! Dem Senator Caught Secretly Meeting With THIS Terrorist. Arrest her?... Read the latest on" Then, based on the reporter Jake Tapper and the questions he asked and the presumably Tea Party columnist'a take on the interview, he promotes the opinion that Tulsi Gabbard is guilty and a majority of the earlier responses take the position that h\she is guilty and all kinds of bad things are said about the ONE DEMOCRAT in the House that speaks the truth.

There are two very apparent errors in the story.

1. Tulsi Gabbard is a REPRESENTATIVE, NOT a SENATOR!

2. If Nancy Pelosi could go and meet with Assad and try to convince him that President Trump is bad and was not arrested, why should another Representative of the same political Party be arrested for speaking truth and trying to talk sense to Assad to stop the war?

It took courage for a Representative of the President's political party to publicly BLAST "her own Party's " President as a treasonous traitor and point out the disaster his touted Iran Nuclear Treaty an accomplishing the exact opposite of what it was sold as — actually giving Iran the money ($1.5 BILLION) to build a nuclear weapon to strike the U. S, and Israel with.

The whole tone of the article indicates a pre-conceived prejudice that because she is elected from a solid Democrat state where the official Republican Party actually helped Democrats to win 2 more seats that had already been Republican. As I learned the hard way in Florida in 1966, winning an election in a solid Democratic state as a Republican is extremely difficult. I did at least make statewide news by arranging so I was the clear FIRST CANDIDATE of Either party to take the Candidate's Oath and a personal family tragedy for which I could not be blamed still caused me to agree with the county Republican chairman and causesd the First Republican Primary in Marion County in 100 years. The publicity I generated — on a near zero budget, but by careful planning to get my name and face in the news. I was a contributing factor to the first Republican Governor in Florida in 100 years, Claude Kirk, who told me at a YOung Republican meeting, "Sam, if you don't make it with all the publicity you've got, none of us [Republicans] will."

Tulsi was raised Conservative Republican by her father, Mike Gabbard. I first met Tulsi when she was only about 13 at a Republicn meeting. The following year, after re-districting gerrymandered him out of a fairly Republican district and surround him with nothing but Democrats, he switched parties to keep being reelected, but still tried to vote conservative in the legislature. For the 2016 Primary and General elections, I was the Polling Official who checked her ID with the Registration Book for her to get her bsllots. Both times we remembered the meeting many years previous and we had a good conversation about what she was doing in Washington, because she timed her vits to times when there was a lull in voters.

I can assure you that Tulsi was a much SAFER person to speak doe the United States to Assad than SecState John Kerry! She is truly patriotic and Common Sense — and brave!

I do hope Tea Party leadership will really check the facts and then make an official applogy to her for the tone of the headlined artcle.

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