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The government became bifurcated when the Act of 1871 was signed and usurped the Republic by incorporation of the United States.  We became a debtor nation in 1913 with the unlawful creation of the Fed Reserve private bank.  Two governments exist with the original Republic hidden beneath the corporate United States.  This is why falsely elected officials ignore the original constitution and violate the right of the People.  We have forgotten that elected officials are supposed to represent us and are not our rulers.  We can take their power away.  They know we are realizing our true power and they are desperate to maintain their rule.  We are witnessing a war against the people of the world as is displayed by the tyranny shown in Monarchy controlled Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.  In the end, God wins! 

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Sidney Cox replied to Admin Dee's discussion Biden Signs Automobile ‘kill switch’ Law to Spy on and Control Americans
"Let me think about this.  I am driving down a busy Interstate at 70 MPH and some Bot decides to kill switch my vehicle in the middle of a curve.  Loss of steering power and braking?  What if they hit the wrong vehicle by mistake?  I just bought a…"
May 21
Sidney Cox replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Sen Elizabeth Warren: America Is Run By A Dictator Because Of ... Trump
"Leftist Marxist Traitors always project who they are on their enemies.  The Dems are sellouts to the highest bidder and they are betting their power grab will save them.  They are in the wrong country."
Oct 11, 2021
Sidney Cox left a comment for Sidney Cox
Oct 2, 2021
Sidney Cox left a comment for Sidney Cox
Oct 2, 2021
Sidney Cox left a comment on Justice
"They are sealed. The major point of this information is that normally, on average, there are fewer than 2,000 of these indictments on the books nationwide at any given time. Last I heard, there are now in excess of 105,000."
Oct 2, 2021
Sidney Cox updated their profile
Oct 2, 2021
Sidney Cox updated their profile
Oct 2, 2021
Sidney Cox updated their profile photo
Jul 18, 2020
Sidney Cox replied to Admin Dee's discussion Federal Law Enforcement Use Unmarked Vehicles To Grab Protesters Off Portland Streets
"I have seen the video which appears to be fake arrests by unknown paramilitary looking individuals.  Their walk, demeanor, and actions appear to be scripted and phony.  More propaganda to make the administration appear to act in an unconstitutional…"
Jul 18, 2020

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