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  • Could it be "MARSHALL LAW"???...

    • Not likely, as under Martial Law, the US Military become law enforcement agents and don't need to take a separate oath... As deputy US Marshals. they will not be acting as federal troops. This looks to be a way to get around using the military for law enforcement duty with out declaring Marital Law.  I am no lawyer but on its surface, this appears to be very problematic... as these individuals are already mobilized as 'federal troops' and their duty is to their commander, not to some US Marshal or federal judge/court.  I don't see how they can be charged with dual responsibilities and duties to more than one authority?

  • Even if we have never heard of it happening before does not necessarily mean that it hasn't.

  • Seems like they are being deputized to make arrests.

  • Deputy Marshalls are under the control of US Marshalls, not the military commander... however, they also have a duty to their military oath... which should take priority.  US Military Police are certified Federal Law Enforcement Officers... their military training includes that certification... meaning they can be deputized as federal law enforcement... outside of their US Military roles... this can cut both ways... depending on the CIC's orders and his instructions to both the US Marshalls service and the US Military... we will have to wait to see what happens to be sure as no one is talking about the command structure... who is overall in charge... the Generals or US Marshall service?

    • If military would also become civilian law enforcement officers then that would circumvent the Posse Comitatus Act would it not. I would think one could not serve two masters especially in this regard: either a member of the military or civilian law enforcement.

    • They would not be operating as Military Police... they would be acting as US Marshalls... not subject o Posse Comitatus restrictions.  In addition, the District of Columbus is a FEDERAL territory, not a STATE... the military has the authority to act as law enforcement on Federal Lands... the Posse Comitatus restrictions apply to the military's jurisdiction outside of federal property.  US military bases are federal territory... under the same jurisdiction as the District of Columbia.  Local status of forces agreements are in effect with military posts and local governments. MP's are trained and certified as federal law enforcement agents, they pass their federal law enforcement exams... before graduation from the MP school at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo.

    • My contention is that the military troops are sworn in as soldiers not as part of any civilian apparatus. So, if they are also sworn in as Deputy Marshals they would be serving in two capacities. Which one are they to serve? I read the Posse Comitatus Act and I could not discern any section that would allow such a distinction.

    • How useful has the Pentagon been in following the current Commander-in-Chiefs direction?

      Put more directly, was the Insurrection act discounted by the President, or discounted for him by refusal to act.

      They did state on inquiry by Peolosi and entourage (checking to see how things would jump?), that the militarys' role is not to inject itself into the political process. 

      Yet there sits an amassed federal paramilitary force in the Capitol.

    • But these are not military police officers are they?

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