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  • Mrs. Diane L. Logan , Your last post was well said . I could not have said it any better . When I read post like yours I have hope this constitutional republic will endure .
  • Diane L. Logan , Rick and larry are nothing but obama shills and you are correct to stop trying to educate these two bone heads on US Constitutional law . So hang in there because you have the truth and the US Constitution on you side .
  • Diane trying to convince a bunch of liberal obots what the correct definition of Natural Born Citizen means in relation to the US Constitution is at best futile . These people don't believe in the US Constitution or the rule of law . They are trying to protect the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama by trying to change the meaning of Natural Born Citizen . They figure if they repeat the lie often enough it will become fact . So stick to your guns the truth is with you.
  • Mrs. Diane L. Logan , The best thing you can do is to ignore these obots that come on these sites to spew that Alinsky BS . These people are ether to dumb to do their own research or they know darn well what a Natural Born US Citizen is and are trying to protect this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama . Diane hang in there because you are on the side of truth and the US Constitution .
  • Mrs. Diane L. Logan , Your last post was very well said , I see you may have availed yourself of Dr. Herb Titus's expertise in US Constitutional law . Again well done .
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