• shiitty schiff has a reservation in the Lake of Fire along with ALL devildemocommiecrats!!!!!  Hatred of and rebellion against Almighty God are not good attitudes to have!!!!!!!!!!!

  • For me its more important that we get rid of Kevin McCarthy before he can become the next Pelosi RINO, Anti-Trumper house leader.

    Pleas this guy is a snake as bad as Schiff!!!! Wake up conservatives we must get rid of him before the change of the house!!!!

    • John, AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!  If the gop gets the majority and mcconnell, mccarthy, and their lemmings stay in control of the caucus the only change We the People will see is which party is n the majority!!!!!!!!!!


  • The Liar-in Chief!!!!

  • Pencil Neck has the same crazy eyes as AOC. He is her sneaky brother by another mother!

  • Schiff should be hung by the short hairs

  • Adam Schiff is King Of Nothing ! A piece of crap pretending to be a man of and for "We The People."

    • Theodore, he doesn't even pretend any longer!!!!!!!!!!


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