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Yes. However, there is one promise he should have, but have so far, not made. And that is he will require all illegal immigrants, without exception, to either leave this country voluntarily; or be deported in accordance with our immigration law. The same law that Vice President Mike Pence referenced; when he said that neither he nor President Trump deports illegal immigrants; the law does. The letter that I'm now writing to President Trump on this matter will be posted on this website on or about 07/05/17, or earlier. Please Stay tuned!!

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Ozell Williams replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion The Real Durham Revelation: Obama Committed TREASON
"The reason Republicans cannot and have not done anything about it is because they have not had dominant congressional power and the White House at the same time to do so since Obama's tenure. That's the power they need to fire and hold DOJ and FBI…"
May 25
Ozell Williams replied to Admin Dee's discussion NAACP tells Black Americans "Don't come to Florida"
"You're right Ronald. In fact, as an African American who grew up in a rural Georgia farming community the 1930s and 40s, I consider the NAACP no longer relevant nor useful, but instead an extreme detriment to harmonious race relations."
May 23
Ozell Williams replied to Admin Dee's discussion “No Mercy” Immigration Policy Is The Only Way To Save American Workers
"The democrat's leadership not only allow it, but they also orchestrated it to eventually get votes needed to propel them to long term dominant political power. They have repeatedly demonstrated that no wicked behavior is off limits to achieve that…"
May 6
Ozell Williams replied to Admin Dee's discussion “No Mercy” Immigration Policy Is The Only Way To Save American Workers
"June, you're absolutely right. It is inexcusable, indefensible, and unacceptable that this nation’s borders are not the best secured on this planet, because they are without question the most critical of all infrastructure entities, and therefore…"
May 5
Ozell Williams replied to Admin Dee's discussion “No Mercy” Immigration Policy Is The Only Way To Save American Workers
"Amen Admin Dee!! This is one way to make it happen. If anyone can provide a better way, sound off.
All illegal immigrants would be given one year to self-deport/voluntarily leave this country. Those who leave during that year would have the…"
May 4
Ozell Williams replied to Admin Dee's discussion Rep Clyburn: President Kamala Harris Would Be A Good Thing
"No Bob. It is completely understandable you got the two mixed up; because the Democrati Party have so many lunatics and they are both African Americans. It was Georgia's Representative Hank Johnson. It was years ago when I also watched and heard…"
May 2
Ozell Williams replied to Admin Dee's discussion Rep Clyburn: President Kamala Harris Would Be A Good Thing
"This man is out of his damn mind. The Democratic Party is systemic with lunatics. He is the one whose endorsement got wicked Joe elected."
May 1
Ozell Williams replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Jesse Watters EXPLODES over blatant corruption with zero repercussions
"In order to provide accurate answers to your questions, would require extensive time-laden research. Of course, I shall not do that because it would be doing your homework. If you have genuine concerns relative to the questions asked, you should…"
May 1
Ozell Williams replied to Admin Dee's discussion Rep Paulina Luna to Libs: Don’t Take Your Tucker Victory Lap Yet
"Amen Paul!!! That is why the Democratics' leadership heirchy is thrilled that he is no longer at Fox to explicitly and factually call them out and expose their wickedness and ludicrousness that's has this nation on the brink of ruin. It is puzzling…"
Apr 27
Ozell Williams replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Jesse Watters EXPLODES over blatant corruption with zero repercussions
"I am astonished JEA9 that you didn’t provide a single fact to support your ultra-broad and subjective claim against the Republican Party’s leadership. Because I learned long ago to never make such claims, take sides on any issue, on behalf of nor…"
Apr 26
Ozell Williams replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Joe Scarborough: 'Every Dem Disappointed By Indictment'—So Let's Jail Trump For Contempt!
"The main reason Democrats tried to prevent his election in 2106, and tried to get him removed from office after he was elected, was because their scheme to gain unconquerable longterm political power is predicated on keeping the grossly delapidated…"
Apr 6
Ozell Williams replied to USA 4ME's discussion Is America Starved For Leadership? 😨
"Amen Martha!! However, if they all are not deported, they should be put on notice that  they shall never gain citizenship nor voting rights. Because if they do, they will keep Democrats in dominant power for decades to come as payback for…"
Mar 16
Ozell Williams replied to USA 4ME's discussion Is America Starved For Leadership? 😨
"Hell no!!!!!!! Because the root cause of it all is gross lack of character integrity, genuine patriotism, and incompetence throughout the Democratic Party's leadership heirchy; and their determination to transform this nation into a one party…"
Mar 16
Ozell Williams replied to Admin Dee's discussion Senior Dem and MSNBC contributor called CPAC a 'gathering of sexual predators'
"No surprise here. Such deplorable political biased rhetoric is par for the course for members and fans of the mainstream media. The mainstream media's openly bias against the GOP is the root cause of division among this nation's population being at…"
Mar 6
Ozell Williams replied to ilona Trommler's discussion AG Garland on Fentanyl: “It's an epidemic that's been unleashed on purpose”
"The hypocrite did not mention that securing the borders is the only and best way to stop the flow of illegal drugs into this country."
Mar 4
Ozell Williams replied to Admin Dee's discussion Jean-Pierre to GOP: Stop Attacking Biden
"Amen Freddie!!!! And the root-cause of it all, is because the democrats' leadership heirchy is grossly evil from top to bottom. Public domain facts/evidence confirm that lying, deception, and other unscrupulousness de facto forms their basis for…"
Mar 4

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  • Dear Mr. Williams:

    First, thank you for your service.  I wish I knew your title so I could address you proper, but do not see it on this site to add.

    Your "Letter to the President" speaks to Executive ORDER, but he has NOT signed an "Order" or else it would be listed in the Federal Register.  An EO is merely a President clarifying enacted laws.  A president cannot create new laws as we all know.   Obama has merely signed an Executive ACTION, which is only a "wish" and a "dream" but has no legal validity.  In fact, if states and towns follow this action they will be aiding and abetting in criminal activity.  Somehow we MUST use the right words, and get the populace to understand the difference.  I think our Congress are all to happy to not call Obama out on this knowing the general public is clueless about the difference.  Can you in any way write a followup to your "Letter to the President about this difference.  I have posted here for you the link to the Register to see for yourself there is NO ORDER.  After clicking on the link:  1) main menu; 2) Browse; 3) Executive Orders; 4) 2014 Barack Obama (27 Order to date and not one about immigration).

    Thank you Sir!

    .   Federal Register

    Home - Thursday, March 12th
    Search, browse and learn about the Federal Register. Federal Register 2.0 is the unofficial daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notices…
  • When finished, please let me know, , , N. Parisi, USAF RN Ret.

  • Thank you for your Service Mr. Williams, and for your input.


  • Red Ribbon
  • Thank You for your service, Mr. Williams, and for your thoughtful, spot on, articulate posts. Will look forward to more of same.
  • Thanks Ozell!

    I'm happy to be your friend.

  • you are so right. Let us first loudly articulate, the Constitutional ineligibility of Obama to serve as our President. He is not a United States Natural Born citizen. He was born in Mombossa, Kenya. He has refused to display his long-form birth certificate, and has spent over $1,700,000.00 of his personal income, blocking every court challenge forcing him to reveal such document. Article 2, Section 1, paragraph 4 of the U.S. Constitution, reads, thus : "No person, except a natural born citizen of the United States, or citizen at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President." Obama's mother was barely 19, when he was born. His father, an African man from Kenya. Obama's mother was unable to transfer her citizenship status to infant Obama, as the constitution also states, that such status can only be transferred by the American parent who had been a permanent resident of the United states for at least 10years, 5 of them being after the age of 14. That should have made her 19. But Obama was born, before his mother turned 19. Sorry, the Law of the land is the law. We are after all a nation of Laws. So what does this make Obama? An Ilegal Alien. And he is our President? No. Good Patriots, work hard now, till November 2010, to remove all Obama's goons, and thugs in both houses of Congress. We still have the single most powerful weapon, as Americans. The Vote. Then when both houses are back in the hands of Conservatives, we petition Congress to have Obama, removed from office. The usurper, the pretender to the throne, finally thrown out, back onto the Chicago streets, where he belongs.
  • I am absolutely enraged and unforgiving for the broken promises and arroganant, hostile and dismissive attitude that President Obama, his political advisers, and leaders of the democratic majority have consitently and viciously directed at grass-root working and retired Americans who voice disagreement with his agenda and policies. They appear to forget, or most likely ignore the fact that they work for us; and that we are their employer!!! I believe that a person's integrity is the core and most valued and respected attribute of his or her character. Therefore, we should feel obligated to make a concerted effort to articulate to our fellow citizens, the treasure of quantifiable evidence that President Obama and leaders of the democratic majority have undisputiably seriously compromised and damaged their integrity. I did not vote for President Obama because I had not heard or seen any quantifiable evidence to convince me that he was qualified to lead this country. And now he has not only proven his unqualification, a serious flaw in his integrity has also been exposed. As we mount an all-out offensive to remove him and several members of his administration and the democratic majority from office, we must be prepared to convincingly articulate credible alternatives to their agenda, policies, and behavior. I have specific ideas concerning certain issues that I will address in future comments.

    Ozell Williams
This reply was deleted.