⚠️ ALERT: Have You Been Infected?⚠️

10539298066?profile=RESIZE_400xDonkey Pox - America’s Longest Running Pandemic!

For several decades America has periodically had an outbreak of a disease that had not ever been diagnosed until political cartoonist A.F. Branco published his cartoon titled; “ Dire Diagnosis” on May 26, 2022. He identified the disease as “Donkey Pox.”

Donkey Pox qualifies as a pandemic because nearly 50% of voting Americans have been infected with it since the 1960s. This infection has resulted in more than 63 million deaths of unborn human beings and millions of born human beings dead because they were living in Marxist Democrat controlled cities all over America. When you add the millions of deaths due to drugs, on the face of it, those conditions qualify Donkey Pox an unrecognized pandemic. If the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) can suggest that fire arms deaths in America is a “pandemic,” then certainly the Donkey Pox death toll must be designated as a pandemic as well.

The only fly in the ointment is the reality the Marxist WHO and the Marxist Democrat Deep State at the CDC would never make such a designation because it doesn’t conform to their agenda. Fire arms issues do meet the objectives of their agenda, but death by abortion, death by incompetent government, and drug deaths by a failure of government doesn’t conform to the Marxist agenda.

As a public service to fellow citizens: How to self-diagnose to determine if you have been infected by Donkey Pox.

[] Do you believe in human caused global climate change?

[] Do you believe police should be defunded?

[] Do you believe in open borders?

[] Do you believe Critical Race Theory should be taught in schools?

[] Do you believe only Black lives matter?

[] Do you play the race card?

[] Do you hate anyone that does not see things your way?

[] Do you hate Donald Trump?

[] Do you think Joe Biden is doing a good job?

[] Do you think Barack Obama did a good job? Do you think America is a bad place?

If you answered yes to one or more of these symptoms, you have definitely contracted Donkey Pox.

The more questions you answered yes to, the more severe your infection.

But take heart. There is a cure for Donkey Pox!

Temporary relief can come if you only do the one thing you can do in November: Fire The Libtards on November 8, 2022.

(The full cure will be harder and will take time to completely clear your system of Monkey Pox)

Be kind to your Donkey Pox infected citizen:

Step One: Fully commit your life to the Judeo-Christian values and moral code expressed in the Ten Commandments so valued by America’s Founding Fathers. You can get major support of others by regularly attending a church or temple that holds those values.

Step Two: Educate yourself concerning the reality of Marxism and its sordid murderous history.

Step Three: Replace the hate with love of all mankind in general and America in particular.

Step Four: Learn how to think for yourself, rather than accepting people telling you what to think. Be your own master, not a drone of those who wish to control you.

Step Five: Always look for the good in the world rather than the flaws.

If you choose, you can rid yourself of Donkey Pox. You can become permanently immune to Donkey Pox, if you can get to a point where you adopt everything in the next paragraph.

There is good news: If you believe in the United States Constitution, you believe America is exceptional, you stand to salute the flag, you kneel only to pray, and you know you can run your life better than the government can, you are then immune from Donkey Pox. Even better news, you can help your friends and family who have been infected by Donkey Pox get help by voting as many Marxist Democrat donkeys as possible out of office in the November 2022, mid-term election. Removing the Donkey Pox infected politicians will ease the pain and suffering of all Americans, including those voting Americans who are still infected with Donkey Pox.

Be kind to your Donkey Pox infected citizen, Fire The Libtards on November 8, 2022.

This has been a public service announcement sponsored by American Patriots everywhere. 

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    Hey Joels, looks like you got natural immunity! 

  • I'm medicated with the Trump cure! 

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