Listen up!

Do you really think you can simply take my freedom and I won't fight back?....well, do you punk? 

I got a surprise for you A..hole!


I've been asked to post a more recent photo,

so here it is, enjoy!





Austin, TX

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USA 4ME posted a discussion
What type of American do you want to be? The Conservative or the Progressive? Watch the vidoes and decide! 

Happening Now in Grand Rapids, Michigan…

“On behalf of 12,000 Law Enforcement people that the Police Officers Association of Michigan…
Apr 3
USA 4ME posted a discussion
Please title this gif! 

Mar 25
USA 4ME posted a discussion
Rant 3  they refuse to deport Illegal aliens but try to delete white people, they label citizens who believe in the constitution as deplorable, yet embrace communists as visionaries, they starve farmers of water, but fail to build desalination…
Mar 6
USA 4ME posted a discussion
They take our money, ban our religion, grab our guns, steal our taxes, give away our money, make us wear masks, force us to get an injection of an unproven substance, call us names, ridicule heterosexuals, mutilate our children’s genitalia, destroy…
Mar 5
USA 4ME posted a discussion
Liberal states are trying to persuade their residents sewage water is good for them and claim it is better than fresh spring water! Do you believe them? Are you willing to drink "toilet-to-tap" repurposed water, feed it to your pets and children?…
Dec 30, 2023
USA 4ME posted a discussion
OMG! In a shocking revelation, it has come to light Vice President Kamala Harris has been concealing her true stance on climate change. This revelation has sent shockwaves through the environmentalist community, as many had placed their hopes on…
Nov 24, 2023
USA 4ME posted a discussion
Why are all these metal buildings incinerated but not the trees in Lahaina, Maui?
Nov 11, 2023

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