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USA 4ME posted a discussion
OMG! In a shocking revelation, it has come to light Vice President Kamala Harris has been concealing her true stance on climate change. This revelation has sent shockwaves through the environmentalist community, as many had placed their hopes on…
Nov 24
USA 4ME posted a discussion
Why are all these metal buildings incinerated but not the trees in Lahaina, Maui?
Nov 11
USA 4ME posted a discussion
Now who is the racist!

Question: How many of the Israeli citizens murdered by Hamas were black? 
There are many 'Black Jews' in Israel.....but their lives don't matter! 

Do their lives matter? 

Does this Black child's life matter? 
Oct 11
USA 4ME posted a discussion
Click To Visit UntraRightBeer
Oct 1
USA 4ME posted discussions
Sep 22
USA 4ME posted a discussion
"The Naked Truth: No Dress Code in the Senate"
In the hallowed halls of government, where decorum and tradition reign supreme, the absence of a dress code in the Senate has raised some intriguing questions. Does this mean Senators must now show up…
Sep 20
USA 4ME posted a discussion
In this tumultuous era of global unrest, one cannot help but ponder the identity of the true perpetrator behind the heinous acts of terror that plague our world. But what if one’s own country commits terrorism on it’s own citizens, but not by force…
Sep 19
USA 4ME posted a discussion
🌿Several commentators have cleverly drew a parallel between Kamala Harris's role and  of a houseplant. 🌿 With a touch of humor has highlighted how Harris appears to be low-maintenance and unobtrusive, much like a houseplant quietly sitting in the…
Sep 15
USA 4ME posted a blog post
Sep 3
USA 4ME posted a discussion
The tax and spend crowd will soon have no taxes to collect but will the swamp spending addition be halted or will the fed simply print more money?  Danger ahead, but is anyone listening?
Top economist Kevin O'Leary warns of impending US economic…
Sep 2
USA 4ME posted a discussion
If You Own One Of These You Are Killing The Planet, And Democracy As Well! 
Once again in the stellar brilliance  only Washington can produce the Biden Regime has declared  there is a danger lurking in most homes and must be dealt with in a firm and…
Aug 25
USA 4ME posted a blog post
Aug 19
USA 4ME posted a discussion
UNDERGROUND In a stuning turn of events, the true extent of the deep state's machinations has been exposed, sending shockwaves through the nation. Indictments and accusations have emerged, revealing a web of corruption and deceit  threatens the very…
Aug 19
USA 4ME posted a blog post
Aug 14
USA 4ME posted a discussion
Aug 14
USA 4ME posted a discussion
Iowa State Fair. Overwhelming and exciting was some of the responses of the thrilled crowd when Trump arrived, and then it got better!
In a powerful address delivered at the Iowa State Fair, the esteemed former President Donald Trump, flanked by a…
Aug 12

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