• Might just as well die resisting. If to die in the effort of preserving Good, even unto failure, Evil loses.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • And who shall lead the prisoners to the "Camps?" The "LBQTs, Anti 2nd Amendment Groups, and Abortion as a Birth Control Woman?" They will be heavily out armed.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • The modern day "Hessians" wearing blue helmets, who will obey UN directives and will quickly replace the void civilian local LEOS ranks. Can you say, "Strong Armed Cities Initiative"?


    The Australia camps are being called Vax-entration Camps, and the United States military are building these camps here as we speak.

    • Where Roland?

    • There are currently 11 of these camps all along the perimeter of the United States, and they are all located in Military bases.

      I found it on the business insider website, but if you do a "united states military covid quarantine facilities" web search, there will be other sources as well. Hope that helps.



  • Australia began as a "Land for Prisoners." It is a pity that their people allowed it to become a Prison once again.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I will go down fighting

  • This is a prelude to The Mark Of The Beast.

    Get society comfortable with complying or you can't participate in routine, daily societal actions.

  • All foreign & domestic globalists, collectivists & elitists are enemies of humanity disguising themselves as benevolent humanitarians!…..Wolves in sheep’s clothing!……

    -Globalists want to eliminate or subjugate nation-states sovereignty to international laws, treaties & edicts!….Think “Paris climate accords”, “Green New deal”, “U.N. Agenda 21/30”, “U.N. Small Arms Treaty”, WHO, WEF(World Economic Forum), periodic meetings in Davos Switzerland participants, etc.

    -Collectivists are anti-individual liberty, anti-human rights, who subscribe to & want to impose some or all of the following on the rest of us:

    Socialism, marxism, communism and/or fascism.

    -Elitists are full of condescending, narcissistic, “delusions of grandeur” arrogance believing they are smarter, more “ivory tower” educated than everyone else & therefore have the “divine right of kings” to rule over, bully, & dictate to the “ignorant peasants”, “useless eaters”, “peons” & “flyover country” Americans!


    -Globalists, collectivists & elitists are select persons, politicians, groups, organizations & governments.……


    -All the above are enemies of Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, & Bill of Rights!…..


    -Often they will use crises, whether real, imagined, manufactured, or deliberately engineered to expand, centralize & consolidate power over us! …Think “Hegelian Dialect” strategy, “Saul Alinsky” strategy or “Cloward-Piven” strategy! (google it!)…….terribly evil!….exploiting “Climate change”, “plandemic” or some other sociopathic, deceptive, manipulative, fear inducing hobgoblin to further their political agenda!…


    -Take a look at the entire world around you…..Become keenly aware & vigilant of those who fit these descriptions. Call them out on it to their face & deny them their power as if your freedoms & human rights depend on it because it absolutely does!……..don’t let them get away with it folks!


    ……”Blinding ignorance does mislead us. O! Wretched mortals, open your eyes!”

    -Leonardo Da Vinci

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