America's Men: A Crisis Rooted in Lies

Michael_Karacson_a_Male_Sissy_Feminized_man_01.jpg?profile=RESIZE_192X(PatriotHQ) Men have been villainized and told they are the root cause of all the problems in America and the world. Being a male is considered as toxic and caustic. Men represent all which is wrong in the world and should be demasculinized and converted to a more feminine disposition thereby being and reduced to grunt workers who is only good for paying their wages to the government for redistribution.

Of course nothing could be further from the truth!

In the midst of numerous challenges facing our nation, from border security to economic stability, there is one pressing need that stands above all else: the cultivation of stronger men. For far too long, the left has propagated a narrative that vilifies men, holding them responsible for everything from climate change to the perpetuation of the patriarchy. However, this perspective is fundamentally flawed. Strong men are not the problem; they are, in fact, the solution America requires.

The situation concerning men in this country is far from ideal, as the statistics reveal. Men are experiencing unprecedented levels of loneliness, withdrawing from the labor force at an alarming rate, and grappling with issues such as drug abuse and alcoholism. Additionally, they are increasingly opting out of pursuing higher education, delaying marriage and parenthood. If any other demographic were facing such challenges, it would rightly be labeled a national crisis, and indeed it is.

Regrettably, the left fails to acknowledge this crisis. Instead, they unfairly assign blame to boys and men for the world's sins, perpetuating the notion that masculinity itself is toxic and that being a man inherently contributes to societal degradation. They advocate for the complete abandonment of "traditional masculinity."

This campaign against men begins as early as preschool, where boys are often punished for engaging in what is perceived as aggressive play and, if they resist conforming, are unnecessarily medicated to suppress their natural boyishness. As these boys transition into young men, they find themselves denied access to the manufacturing jobs that once provided their fathers with decent wages. These jobs were outsourced overseas by the ruling class long ago. Consequently, they enter college campuses where activists who despise them dominate the discourse. To compound matters, popular culture incessantly reinforces the negative narrative that portrays men as either fools or villains.

At the heart of this critique of men lies a fundamental falsehood: the belief that men should not aspire to be leaders, creators, and heroes but should instead be self-serving consumers. The truth, however, is quite the opposite. We are in dire need of men who are willing to step up and take responsibility.

American men possess the power to transform this country for the better. For instance, encouraging fathers to contribute to the well-being of their wives and children would be a substantial step towards reducing child poverty. Similarly, addressing youth violence would greatly benefit from the presence of fathers in the lives of young people. Men have the capacity to bring peace and order to a nation embroiled in crises. They can alter the destinies of their families and entire communities. Once their potential is harnessed, their influence becomes a force capable of shaping the world.

However, power alone is insufficient. True strength emerges when power is wielded responsibly and for the right reasons. Therefore, we require a guide, a roadmap that defines the qualities of a good man.

In this pursuit, we can turn to the faith of our ancestors. It is no coincidence that the left not only attacks traditional notions of manhood but also seeks to undermine traditional faith. Faith and manhood are interconnected because men have historically looked to religious texts, such as the Bible, to gain a deeper understanding of their identity and potential. In these turbulent times, we can once again draw upon our ancient faith for guidance.

The stories within the Bible extend beyond mere tales; they serve as an invitation for men to find their purpose within the grand narrative of the cosmos. From Adam in the Garden of Eden, the Bible teaches us that men have a duty to bring order to the world, to transform chaos into beauty, and to cultivate gardens out of wilderness. To embark on this noble endeavor, every man must mold his character and nurture his soul. The path to manhood is intertwined with the path to virtue.

In conclusion. A weak nation is a nation with weak people. There are approximately 331.9 million people in the United States with 162.4 million being males. Therefore, if the world view feminizes men then nearly half are reduced to weak and displaced and thus America can easily fall with only weak people to defend our beloved nation. 

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  • All of this is nothing more than an assult on God and in the end they will pay for it

  • Just part of the Demonrat plan for absolute control and they use any means like lousy parenting and lousy public education to do it.

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