• Tell me you sorry excuse for a human  were is the money and the food coming from  A hole.

  • If an idea that diminishes individual self-determination and initiative in favor of government dependency exists, Joe is there for it!

    (assuming Joe is all there to begin with)

    mental health - enVolve


    I'm sick and tired of the 'Go Green' spin.

    If America really wanted to go green then shouldn't there be more farm substities, Govt' sponsored new farming projects and make farming Great Again, but NO!

    The Presidick is more interested in the world than the American people. 

    • I figure Joe has influencial people that hold markers on him, and are insisting he toe their line.

      Otherwise, he just doesn't seem all that sharp for supervillany.


    Global food insecurity? What about American Food Security? Feed the world and let America starve. 

  • 10% of 2.9 billion is not a bad hustle for the Big Guy. Create the problem then skim of the top to correct it. What a thief.



  • Global food insecurity my sister's fat bun.  Exactly who is getting this $2.9 billion while Americans struggle at the super markets?  Don't fiscal appropriations require congressional approval? 

  • Typical of the de"mock"rats - help everyone in the world, but forget about the American people.  What you want to bet most of the assistance goes to China (while they buy up farm land here in the USA)!

  • He should be paying it out of his stolen funds instead of hitting the tax payers up for more money.  He is about as useless as ..... you can fill in the rest.

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