• I called exactly what we have witnessed in Afghanistan back in September/October 2001 while serving at USCENTCOM.  Once again, Afghanistan is a figment of Western Imagination, created by the British with the drawing of the Durand Line during the Great Game.  The United States made three critical mistakes early on in the conflict at the insistence of the Department of State and the CIA.  1st - We failed to form a Republican Government with the Warlords of the Northern Alliance (Our Allies in the fight against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda) transitioned to become Governors of their respective states and the formation of a Loya Jirga (i.e. congress) made up of these Warlords/Governors to allow for the establishment of a Central Government to represent Afghanistan on the International Stage.  2nd - We insisted that a Pashtun be placed as the President of Afghanistan and picked a completely unknown named Hamid Karzai.  The Pashtuns make up 90% of the Taliban and are the enemy of the Northern Alliance, so why would we give the Pashtuns a preferred seat at the political table?  3rd - We recognized the AF-PAK border, giving the Taliban a safehaven from which to project combat power over the past 20 years and to terrorize local Afghan Populations.  Three Stikes and you are OUT!  Now we have violated the Non-Combatant Evacuation Operation (NEO) basic planning guidance by giving up a fully operational airport outside of a major population center and using Hamid Karzai International Airport in a geographical bowl from which to conduct a NEO operation while allowing the Taliban to dictate the timing and terms of the NEO.  This will end to the same disaster the British faced in 1842 - a massacre!  Every single Officer and Non-Commissioned Officer hiding behind "I followed orders" must either resign or face Court-Martial!

  •     It's not about Democrats or Republicans. It's all about left versus right, Socialism versus capitalist, liberalism versus conservatism! The right stands for our Constitution & God, the left stands for globalism and Satan. U.S. Grant was right, you're either a traitor or a patriot, that simple and the traitors must be brought to justice! 

  • If lose of leadership is complete caouse, we are there! Do you miss Trump yet?

  • "How long will the media and communist Democrats continue to prop up this administration? The entire administration must resign immediately."

    Obviously it will not persist by its own virtues. The sole virtue it does have is it exists by Joint Congressional certification due-process, and there is the dilemma. How shall we resolve this incident in due process brought upon us by derelict Congress? To proceed outside Constitutional due-process is to introduce tyrannys nose with an new avenue under the Constitutional tent, to the delight of the Constitutions adversaries.

    I doubt their resignations, since The White house Executive control is a generational ambition of leftists ill-qualified to administrate, who usually need responsible custodians to clean up afterwards (and have none this time). I suggest:

    • Retake Congress
    • Oust Pelosi
    • Install Trump as Speaker
    • Impeach the Biden ticket as fraudulent
    • Convict the Biden ticket as fraudulent
    • Speaker Trump replaces the President
    • Suceeded Trump selects a non-Pence, qualified V.P. candidate

    The last two steps are surely the easy parts.

    How enjoyably easy it looks now, if the states had faithfully executed their Constitutional mandate, and the joint Congress seriously discharged their certification duties. But no, these louses We the People elected and trusted, played the process like a video game to be violated for a cheat-win. Can you believe Lindsey Graham is emailing advise about how the GOP can retake Congressional majorities? LINDSEY GRAHAM?? As though I would take the time of day from him if offered. Mike Pence has dropped my jaw in now going public in condemning the Democrat party. This is the Trump Vice-President who attended Bidens ghost inaugural at garrisoned Camp Biden, after enabling it by refusing to exercise President of the Senate discretion in 2020 certification questions. Pence is a poison carrier of political liability, and deserves no benefit of consideration, especially for the tortuous due-process route I suggest for Mr. Trump.

    Colonel, I know I am relieved that we ran around screaming like chickens with our heads cut off about urging a Presidential Declared State of Election Emergency. The horror in not attempting to put the word out now makes any inaction unthinkable, even though the efforts did not come to fruition.



    Each day my respect for Lincoln grows

    • Perfect plan, but the left want no part of it, and they are in control. As for V.P. It would be hard to find a better choice than Candice Owens. Smart, articulate, young, black and 100% Conservative! 

    • No solution will be found without majority control of the Congress. 

      Joint Congressional certification of the masturbatory electoral college expression, sets it in stone.


      A fraud White House produces fraud replacements, like a cancer.

      This is a variant of the programming truism,"Garbage in, garbage out".

  • We The People need a "Convention Of The States." first order of business is to IMPOSE TERM LIMITES on the congress .

    The founders never intended for congress to be a llife long job. Take Biden , 47 years  of living off the tax payers dime .

    Something like 20 years and out seems to fit the bill just fine . 

    • I disagree - even 20 years is too much.  12 years for Senators, 8 for Representative.  As I recall from my history classes, the founders envisioned people serving the country and then returning to their previous jobs.  Government service was never to be a full time occupation. 


  • GOP/RNC does not have the guts to frame anything.  The truth is they represent the same, establishment, globalist interests as the Democrats do.  They simply have a different and decidedly "Un-woke" base.

    By in large the Republicans support the Chamber of Commerce (globalists) and other, elite, status quo interests.  These interests are destroying America and have been doing so demonstrabilty since 1990. 

    Republicans will not save us.  They are enemy.  See the 19 senators who voted for the infrastructure bill.  Republicans are not out friends.  Republicans are enemy.

  • We have to make America what God want us to do be the greatest nation on earth and bring hope to other countries 

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