Biden To Declare War On Texas!....Here's Why....

The Supreme court ruled the razor wire must come down on the US/Mexican Texas border, but in doing so it exposes the people of Texas to a massive invasion force marching north wanting revenge on Governor Abbot and the displacing of the people of Texas!

In the latest chapter of the ongoing border dispute in Texas, lawmakers from the Democratic party are urging President Joe Biden to assert federal control over the Texas National Guard. This comes after Governor Greg Abbott's defiance of a Supreme Court ruling.

However, the swamp secret seeping out is not really about razor wire but how the Dems will grab Texas and use the National Guard to occupy it, removing Governor Abbott just in time for the November elections.

But it doesn’t stop there. With Martial law in place the President can appoint a pro-tempore Governor to manage Texas until the conflict has passed. This is code talk for grabbing Texas, installing a puppet Democrat Governor, and cooking the election!

Think this is a joke? …..keep reading.

The controversy revolves around Abbott's directive for the National Guard to fortify the border with razor wire barriers, a decision  goes against the Supreme Court's ruling to permit the Border Patrol to remove existing barriers while awaiting further evaluation.

Reps. Joaquin Castro and Greg Casar, both Democrats from Texas, are advocating for President Biden to assume full authority over the Texas National Guard. This means deploying armed National Guard combatants on US soil in Texas and occupying the State while setting up camps for dissidents!

The debate continues to escalate as Abbott remains unwavering in his dedication to protect Texas' sovereignty and its constitutional right to secure the border.

Abbott's decision to challenge the Supreme Court ruling has ignited a constitutional debate regarding the distribution of power between state and federal authorities. He strongly asserts  the federal government, under President Biden, has failed in its responsibility to uphold immigration laws, resulting in Texas having to independently address the issue.

As per Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution, the President holds the title of Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. However, it is important to note  this authority is applicable to the National Guard only when it is federalized.

However, in order to proceed with federalization, the governor's permission is necessary. Some legal analysts are discussing the possibility of Biden utilizing the Insurrection Act to federalize the National Guard without the governor's consent.

If Biden federalizes the National Guard he is doing that to fight Texas residents and possibly in hand-to-hand combat. Why? Because Texas/US citizens are trying to protect themselves from the Illegal Alien invasion force dead set on invading and conquering.  

Joseph Nunn, a legal expert at the Brennan Center's Liberty and National Security Program, raises concerns about the potential drawbacks and misuse that may arise from invoking the Insurrection Act. The Act gives the president complete authority to decide if the conditions for its use are met, without any safeguards to prevent possible abuse.

With the ongoing standoff between Texas and the Biden administration, there is a growing concern about a potential constitutional crisis. The disagreement raises concerns regarding the boundaries of state autonomy, federal authority, and the potential outcomes of employing extraordinary methods to address border conflicts.

Final Word: Biden has nothing to lose and everything to gain. He can neutralize the Texas vote in November, set a new precedent of power, weaponize the federalization process and appoint Barrack Obama the Pro-tem Governor then install a woke agenda while flooding Texas with hordes of Illegal Aliens displacing the Texas residents/US citizens to boot!

The Biden Declaration of War on Texas is an enlighten progressive wet-dream and as many are whispering ‘Too Good To Be True”

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  • Remember the Alamo?  The mexies won that battle "temporarily" at great cost to themselves.  I cannot, for one minute, imagine a Texas National Guardsman, obeying ANY illegal order from a fake CIC. If the ignorant democommies decide to go that route, they will shoot themselves in both feet!!

  • Biden/Obama and their minions, such as VP Harris, Mayorkas and Mr. Castro, will continue to use the open border and illegal immigration to compromise the citizen voters of Texas in any way that they can. If that means the nationalization of their state militia or federal lawsuits to damage their state government or businesses, that would be consistent with the communist/socialist playbook. What do you think would happen if the president issued an executive order declaring that the State of Texas was effectively staging an "insurrection" and its electoral votes would not be counted in the 2024 election? This is all about retaining power and election interference, and creating/declaring a "constitutional crisis" or other emergency fits in well with Biden's previous executive orders and leftist modus operandi.

  • ok texas time to secede

    • Nope, as that is precisely what the democratic socialists want and need to defeat the conservative constitutionists in the next election.

    • Why should America allow the progressive agenda to divide us? We must fire all Dems, elect Trump and build the wall! 

  • I fear for our once great nation

  • The US Supreme Court has set the stage for CIVIL CIVIL WAR...

    Here are the Constitutional facts:

    Don't forget Article 1, Section10, Clause 4 of the US Constitution:

    "No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay."

    A clear and present danger to our national secuirty and soverignty exists... along our Southern Border... If ever there were a status of IMMINENT DANGER it is present on our Southern Border.   The States have a constitutional right and DUTY to defend their borders from invasion and the imminent danger profligated by an uncontrolled criminal alien presence, reaching deep into the very heart of America... Criminal Cartels operate with near impunity, billions of our US Tax Dollars are being diverted from other national security issues to deal with the illegal alien problem... including Child and Drug trafficking.

    The governors of our states have the constitutional right to engage their militia units in the defense of their state's borders... They also have the right to issue arrest warrants for members of the federal government who are aiding and abetting the invasion... including the President. 

    It is time that our state legislatures take up resolutions that a state of war exists on our Southern Border... let their resolutions also find the federal agent provocateurs persona non-grata and barred from entering their states ... subject to state arrest and indictment for interfering with state law enforcement among other crimes.  The States must organize a front of LEGAL CHALLENGES to any federal authority that openly violates the Constitution, state law, and the agent's OATH OF OFFICE.

    America is at war whether we acknowledge it or not... the Governors need to take the lead in this war as the federal government is proving unworthy and seditious in its conduct.  The States are soverign and any ruling of the SCOTUS in violation of the simple and clear meaning of the Constitution must not be without EFFECTIVE CHALLENGE... to include calls to impeach those Justices who ignore the Constitution's provision for states to defend their borders against invasion or imminent danger of invasion.

    Governor Abbot needs to declare State Martial Law ... now... he needs to call up the State Militia (NG) as state militia and use it to evict the agents of the federal government who would interfere with his constitutional duty and legal right to defend his borders.  Declaring limited State Martial Law... to establish a lawful  CHAIN OF COMMAND under the control of the state should be instituted immediately.

    Let the State Legislature pass a resolution declaring a state of war exists and notify the Federal Government it has mobilized the State Militia under the command of the governor for the purpose of keeping order while the State secures the Border.  Cite Article 1, section 10, Clause 4 and Article 4, section 4 for the State's Constitutional right to defend itself.

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