Steve Eichler J.D.


Steve Eichler is the President of Tea Party, Inc. and serves on the board of several prominent Tea Party organizations and is a lifetime Minuteman.

"I Love The Smell Of Hot Tea And Gun Power In The Morning"

“The hour is too dark, the danger too great for division. We must   unite all Grass-root groups into a cohesive and functional force.   The restoration of our beloved nation, the United States of   America, shall be the unifying call to action; anything less will   fragment our hearts resulting in ineffectiveness and Patriotic disintegration.” Steve Eichler – 2010

 The Tea Is Strong! Drink Up Patriot!

“We shall not play; ‘Follow The Leader’, just the opposite. Each   Citizen must become the leader, bearing the weight of   self-governance squarely upon their shoulders, individually and   conjointly. Only then ‘We The People’ can beat back the tyrannical   assaults on our Constitution and baneful attacks against our core beliefs.” Steve Eichler – 2004

"The American People Are Well, It's The Government That Is Sick, But We The People Are The Cure"

 "I support the efforts of all the Tea Party organizations - Tea Party Inc./, Tea Party Express, Tea Party Patriots and all the men and women who are protecting our beloved nation." Steve Eichler President of Tea Party, Inc.

Steve Eichler,  J.D.  -   “America’s Legal Analyst”

  • Graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science Degree.
  • Graduated from American Schools – Studies in Real Estate, Insurance, Financial Services.
  • Graduated from Trinity Law School with a Juris Doctorate in Law.
  • Continued Studies in International Law beyond the Doctorate Degree.
  • Member of the International Bar Association.
  • Life member of Delta Theta Phi (ΔΘΦ) professional law fraternity.


 America’s Legal Analyst – Holds the title of Legal Analyst, and is a consultant to Attorneys, Judges, Talk Show Hosts and Authors.  Recognized for the analysis of the Constitution, Statutory Regulation,  Black Letter Law and the review of Public Policy.  Heard weekly on Nationally Syndicated radio shows as ‘America’s Legal Analyst’

Founded  several very successful companies from 1974 to 1994. Including a General Construction Company, Import/Export Company, Financial Service Firm, facilitated over 250 brokers and agents.  Founded and operated a personal consulting firm for business and marketing development. Specializing in the formation, funding and management of Nonprofit organizations.    


  •     Regional Champion for Toastmasters International.
  •      Author of the book: From Rags To Royalty
  •      Author of the book: Last Chance For Liberty
  •      Author of the ebook: Ground Zero Apocalypse
  •      Author of the ebook: Coronavirus Pandemic
  •      Lifetime Minuteman
  •      C.E.O. – TeaParty.Org
  •      Founder – Tea Party, Inc.
  •      Co-Founder Of The Tea Party Movement
  •      Command Center Founder 48,000 Tea Party Bloggers
  •      Directed  Minuteman Watches on U.S./Mexican border
  •      Has toured Europe, Canada and is Pro-Israel
  •      Lecturer/Writer – Constitution, Immigration
  •      Member in good standing International Bar Association
  •      International Bar Association - Dispute Resolution Committee,             Arbitration Committee, Mediation Committee 
  •      Senior Lawyers Committee - Good Standing
  •      President and Founder of: Tea Party Super PAC377727832?profile=original


          Articles published on: Canada Free Press, World Net Daily, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and others. Steve is heard weekly on several Nationally Syndicated Radio Shows.      

It is my turn to save our beloved nation. We owe our founders and future generations our best. 

10217270896?profile=RESIZE_400xMember is good standing. Journalist, Author, Commentator,  Lecturer and Writer.



“When  a free Republic surrenders the responsibly of self governance to a bureaucracy, totalitarianism results.”          Steve Eichler J.D.     

“If   WE THE PEOPLE wish to retain our freedom we must hold tight to the U.S. Constitution, for once it slips from our fingers, lost forever.”    Steve Eichler J.D.             

    We owe future generations a great nation, not a sorry nation.  If we don’t fix our problems now, our children will inherit a 3rd world country called; The Sorry United States of Nowhere.”   Steve Eichler – 2012

12400922480?profile=RESIZE_400xSteve Eichler is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BizSuite, a financial services firm which provides consulting services on business and personal estates. He is licensed in twenty states to sell life, disability, health, and annuity products and is currently pursuing an expansion into the fields of crowdfunding, public offerings, packaging consulting, and promotion.

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Steve Eichler posted a discussion
Hey citizen, there is still a lot of day left to lick some boots! Think this is crazy, then keep reading! 
Over the past few decades, there has been a significant shift in the American judicial system. This evolution, characterized by the growing…
3 hours ago
Steve Eichler posted a discussion
Outrageous! Homeless veterans would love these jobs!  The Black community bypassed. American Indians left out and US citizen skilled workers thrown under the bus! But it doesn’t stop there. The federal government is keeping a watchful eye on the…
Jun 4
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Jun 3
Steve Eichler posted a discussion
 ....if the Dems cooks the vote! Could this happen again? 
Did Sleepy Joe REALLY get 81,000,000 votes? Does everyone realize Biden got over 11,700,000 more votes than Obama!
If every person in these States voted for Biden it still wouldn't have…
May 27
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🤪This Comedy Central Daily Show skit ripping Kamala Harris' word salads is both brutal and hilarious.🤣
— Matt Wolking (@MattWolking) May 22, 2024
May 24
Steve Eichler posted a discussion
Finally the truth comes out! President Donald Trump is shouting a message just like Paul Revere shouted the British are coming, but Trumps message if dismissed could be deadly!  America is facing significant disasters with President Joe Biden, as…
May 19
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Got to love it! Artist Scott LoBaido used phallic-shaped balloons as a form of protest against the Democratic Party, whom he derogatorily refers to as "D**k" Democrats. New York artist and activist Scott LoBaido staged a daring and amusing protest…
May 17
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May 14
Steve Eichler posted a discussion
If I were to tell you Trump-Derangement Syndrome is the glue which holds the Democrat Party together you will call me crazy, until you step back, take a deep breath and realize Steve just may be right again!
In the unpredictable game of American…
May 12
Steve Eichler posted a discussion
Brilliant! Throwing more gas on the fire always puts out the blaze! Just like giving more booze to homeless alcoholics will always make them sobor! Governor Galvin Nuisance of California has come up with a dozy, the only problem is it will make the…
May 11
Steve Eichler posted a discussion
Your Prison Cell Is Ready! Progressives would like nothing better than have a prison riot break when Trump arrives to serve his prison sentence. During the riot many prisoners will not be accounted for, crude weapons will be used and untold death…
May 7
Steve Eichler posted a discussion
Dr. Frankenstein's aspirations were to revive dead tissue and resurrect loved ones. However, instead of restoring the soul to the realm of the living, his endeavor resulted in the creation of a monstrous being, and not just any ordinary monster! The…
May 4
Steve Eichler posted a discussion
Hate to say: “I Told You So” but the new 87,000 audit agents, armed and now funded by your tax dollars are about to descend on the America taxpayer and there’s nowhere to hide! But wait a minute, we were told only the top 1% of the wealthiest…
May 3
Steve Eichler posted a discussion
Our reconnaissance team is receiving critical updates on a ‘minute-by-minute’ basis from the field. Here are the latest developments in Washington and throughout the United States.
Instead of regurgitating news releases from various media outlets,…
May 1
Steve Eichler posted a discussion
Biden administration has a sure-fired trick to fix all the university uprisings of the pro-Hamas anti-Israel Jew hating riots on universities campuses across Amerca and it’s shocking! 
You’re going to love this!
He is going to throw so much gas on…
Apr 30
Steve Eichler posted a discussion
Shocking! Our Patriot Research Team has turned up a dozy and uncovered a treasure trove of secret  videos and documented orders which are iron clad proof the January 6th riot was orchestrated by a secret underground progressive combatant cabal…
Apr 30