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Cindy McCain, the wife of the late Senator John McCain, said her husband would be “very pleased” with Biden winning the election.

McCain, who endorsed the Democrat nominee, was seen as playing a pivotal role in him flipping Arizona in his favor.

“I think my husband would be very pleased,” McCain, who will be serving as part of Biden’s transition team, told CNN during a Monday night interview.

“We were good friends with the Bidens,” she added. “And I just know he is looking down and going, ‘You did the right thing.'”

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  • "Getting along" and "reaching across the aisle" are McCain-speak for SCREWING YOUR OWN TEAM.  Damn RINO.

  • You should talk to the sailors who were on the carrier Forestall before you call Mc Cain a hero

  • Sorry cindy, but your hesband was a "SONGBIRD" for the ENEMY and a DISGRASCE to the uniform he wore, PERIOD! Too bad you chose him to marry, SAD!

  • I would say, stop drinking your product and listening to John Denver... wake up and smell the revolution you are inviting to take a seat in our living rooms... it reaks of betrayal by an elitest plutocracy 

  • The McCain family is part of the deep state. Their patriarch was a loser who let himself be captured by enemies. Without that he would have never amounted to anything but John ended up using his POW status shamelessly for his own benefit. He is a disgrace to all Vietnam veterans and all members of the US military.

    • Yes, how did he come out of "imprisonment" heavier than when he went in......I do wonder.....  .

  • She should just have kept her thin-lipped mouth shut!!!  But, of coiurse, the Enemedia will dine out on her irrelevant rambling as long as it's convenient, and then, it will just be "Cindy WHO?!?"  "A has-been who never was!!"

  • This McCain woman has a nose I'd like to punch almost as much as SCHUMER'S.  

    Oh, and why am I NOT surprised they are BUDDIES with the BIDENS???  


  • The McCain's are the first to preach about getting along.
    They are The Typical "Hypocrite Elite Swamp Creatures"...
    I bet John McCain got his share of "POLITICAL DONATIONS" from Donald Trump.
    McCain had his chance, he threw his Presidential Campaign away; because he was "Mesmerized" by "Obama The lying Messiah"
    When someone uses their War Status to build themselves up as being "EXCEPTIONAL", that sickens me.
    I would have had more respect for what John McCain went through if he didn't always try to sell himself on it.
    He was never a "REPUBLICAN", he was a Rhino trying to destroy any U.S. Success...

    • I totally agree. I am a veteran and served in harms way, although not in combat, and I am a senior citizen who never felt comfortable with McCain and I for one never used my veteran status to gain the communitey office I was elected to serve without bringing that up.

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