• The "difference" is- - according to The Presidential Records Act - - a President (Trump) IS allowed to "declassify" AND retain documents of his choosing, during his term in office; which he did.  NO ONE ELSE is so entitled, UNLESS they are President. Beijing g Joe was NOT President when he "helped himself" to these files in question.


    Yes, of course...and what exactly are the Amerrican people going to do about it? 

  • There can be only two reasons that ‘classified documents‘ were found in Joe Biden’s possession. The fist would be that someone either knows or has discovered that Joe has them and has threatened to blow the whistle. The second, and most likely, is that Joe has outlived his usefulness for the democrats and is being shown the door.
    When the ever-obedient media begins to report negatively about one of their own, the fix is obviously being ushered in.
    This whole concocted story of the stunning discovery of classified documents, by Joe’s own lawyers, stinks as bad as most of Anthony Fauci’s bullshit.
    Do you suppose these “lawyers” got a warrant to search their own client’s home and office?
    This latest distraction is brought to you by the NWO’s American Division, A.K.A. the Democratic Party.


    • Wrong, you seem to have missed the third reason.  If Joe has to go and classified docs are the card that blows him out of office, then that same card can be used on Trump.  Classified docs are a "Two-fer."

  • At least Trump didn't hide what he took unlike JoeBiden.

    • Joe was t hiding it, just keeping it in case there's still something in there he could sell.

    • Made lots of money.

  • Would there be anything new if the DOJ colluded with the White House and the Democrats? Its PLAINLY OBVIOUS that BIDEN did not receive the same treatment as President Trump did. It is also obvious that Bidens actions were worse than Trump, President Trump at least had his documents locked up and under the protection of the Secret Service Bidens document were completely unprotected and we have NO IDEA who had access to those documents. I personally believe all classified document should remain under the protection of the Government and there is NO Reason why any President, Vice President ,Cabinet Member OR Member of Congress has any reason to remove Classified Documents when the leave public service. Yes i do believe President Trump was wrong and yes Joe Biden is equally guilty I suspect if all former Presidents, Vice Presidents former Congress Members and former Cabinet Members may have documents they are not entitled to have and this must BE STOPPED.   

    • How about this?  They need to get rid of Biden.  Biden says publicly he running for reelection.  They can't allow that.  Biden is too unpopular and it's time to consolidate so they nail Biden with hyped up charges of classified documents and then use the same issue on Trump to make more out of it than it ever was.  Depending on how they work it, it become a "Two-fer," if you will.

  • None so blind as those who refuse to see. 

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