Border Security Urgency

The Taliban’s recapture of Afghanistan is now once again a haven for terrorist groups of every
brand name to train and plot attacks against this nation; makes it critically urgent for President
Biden to immediately orchestrate restarting construction to expeditiously complete the
southwest border wall. Because in its grossly dilapidated condition, suicide bombers could unimpeded enter and wreak havoc and death in this nation. It would take only one incident in one crowded shopping mall to shutdown shopping centers and sporting events throughout this nation, because no one would know where another one would strike. Therefore, this nation’s borders shoud be among best, if not the best impenetrable one on the planet. Because they are the first line of defense against threats to our security and safety, which serve as the cornerstone for our existence, and dictates commensurately to our quality of life. Securing the border would finally accomplish what the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 mandated, which was to secure the southwest border to prevent a future illegal immigration crisis.

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