• Alvin Bragg is just ONE of many within the "NWO TERRORIST" organization, who are in the process of taking down the United States of America and you have to hand it to them, we are allowing them to do a great job. Just like they did in Europe, which is now called the European Union. One day, if we continue to allow them to move forward with their plans, the USA will be called the North American Union. Plus, at the rate the NWO TERRORIST ORGANIZATION is moving forward, we are near the complete end of FREEDOM within the United States of America. It's NOW or NEVER TIME, if we even have any time remaining.
    The NWO is merging us right now, via our OPEN (ZERO) border policy. Which will include Canada, the USA, Mexico and several Central American countries. Really, you have to hand it to them, they are doing a GREAT JOB destroying America!!! It's crazy how we are allowing the NWO to bring in spies and terrorist organizations from around the world. Believe me, I've been watching and fighting for my rights since the Assassination (via the CIA) of President Kennedy. Also, for the last 60 years, no matter how bad I thought it was at any particular time, I found out a year later that it was a LOT worse than even I realized at that time. TRUMP IS TRULY OUR LAST HOPE, PERIOD!!! TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Inner Trader, you are so right. President Donald J. Trump is truly our last hope. We the people need to be all in and support him no matter what. Trump was the best, most honest, and most transparent president in our lifetimes who delivered on every single promise he made. We cannot say such a thing about any other rino or demonrat president. Trump will win another and third landslide in 2024 because American patriots like you know what is at stake.


  • In the words of WW2, demoncrats you have just awakened a sleeping giant!!!

  • Anyone who doesn't believe that Trump derangement syndrom exists needs to open their eyes.  This is so bogus it is to the point of unbelievable.  I am glad the House is investigating Bragg; he is one disreputable person.  he doesn't bother to prosecute actual crimes; and those he does - he loses around 50% of the cases.  I would say the people of NY who elected him don't have a brain in their collective heads.

  • This is an abomination of justiice.

    Treason by President after President got nothing but crickets. SCOTUS sticking it's business intro things having nothing to do with what Art III allows--like 0care, got crickets. P*ssed off?  You betcha.


    If this doesn't piss you-off nothing will! 

    • Damn right... Mobile now, no other way but to take the country back now! 

    • The sooner we become mobile, the better.. We've allowed this to on long enough...

  • In most of our lifetimes President Donald J. Trump is the most honest and transparent president who keeps all his promises and who works selflessly for he good of America and American patriots. 

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